Friday, November 6, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC Comics Mini-Series I Want To See

Welcome back to this week's Top 5 Friday! This month will mark the end of the first three mini-series that came spiraling out of the DC You as well as the beginning of new ones. Bat-Mite concluded its run this week, Superman: American Alien begins next week, with Bizarro and Green Lantern: Lost Army finishing up on the 18th while Batman Europa begins. It has become clear that DC is going through a mini-series craze that is trying to get readers interested in their comics. In the coming months we'll be getting Raven, Deadshot/Katana, and Metamorpho just to name a few. With all these new mini-series, I began to think to myself, "What mini-series would I want to see?" and thats what we'll be going over today. As per usual this is my personal list, so apologies if you don't like an idea. ENOUGH TALK! Lets begin!

5: Green Arrow and the Outsiders

I must sound like a broken record when I say that Outsiders War might be one of the best Green Arrow stories I've ever read. Could there be better ones? Absolutely, but for me I love the re-imagined Outsiders and mysticism surrounding them. In Future's End, we see them uniting to invade ARGUS Island doing as they said at the end of the war: Fighting injustice from the shadows. While many want to forget the disappointment that was Future's End, seeing Oliver lead a superhero team of warriors like him felt satisfying...and I wanted to see more!! Have them team up in the present in an attempt to stop a dictator, crime lord, or ANYTHING! I would love to see this team do more than just fight each other or the future.

4: Swamp Thing/Animal Man: Forces of Nature

Let's talk about Earth 2 World's End! Sure it pretty much marked the down fall to one of the greatest things to come out of the New 52, an idea was brought up that I actually thought would be a fantastic story premise. This idea was the elemental avatars of each elemental force teaming up to fight an all powerful foe. This is where I thought: How would that look on Earth Prime? We already had a Swamp Thing and Animal Man team up, but what if we through Abigail into the team?Or perhaps the Machines, in an attempt to redeem themselves? What could this team fight? To those who don't remember the end of Soule's run on Swamp Thing, Anton Arcane (completely restored in his power) was able to escape. The Grey and The Divided(bacteria) still exist out in the world and can be swayed to join Anton...Someone needs to stop him...Why not this team?

3: Justice League of Earth 3

Earth 3 has been a major point in the current Justice League stories with the Darkseid War and Forever Evil. The Anti-Monitor destroyed it, Alexander Luthor was it's greatest "hero", the power ring is a parasite etc. This world is such a fascinating place to learn about, so why not follow the Justice League. No I don't mean the story of Kal-il, Thomas Wayne Jr., and Lois of the Crime Syndicate. No I mean the heroes of the world, like Alexander Luthor. I want to see the Crime Syndicate actually on their earth fighting Alexander Luthor and a League made up of heroic versions of famous bad guys. We know it will end, but perhaps in the final battle we can finally learn how Luthor got the power of Mazahs, how his child is supposed to help win against the Anti-Monitor, what happened to the other heroes...In the end its a simple request: FILL US IN ON WHAT WENT DOWN ON EARTH 3!

2: Bat-Mite vs. Bizzaro: Dawn of Dumb

If mini-series like Bat-Mite and Bizarro taught me anything, its that comics don't need to be all doom and gloom and Darkseid War...they can be funny! Full of zany adventures and a fun cast of characters made both series great reads. I found Bat-Mite funny in his attempts to help everyone he possibly could, while I found Bizarro funny with his innocence and lack of understanding of the world. Both characters are great and deserve sequels! This brought up a question in my mind though. Even though both are considered thorns in the side for their respective families(Batman and Superman), what if they were to collide? Bizarro wrecks everything, and Bat-Mite tries to fix it and make it better. What if it was just a parody of the Batman vs. Superman movie? WHO CARES I'd read that!

1: Shazam/Cyborg

What? There's already a Cyborg series? This is true, but as of right now I am not a fan of it. I think Cyborg can be interesting enough to have his own series, but only after we learn a bit more about him. This first arc touches upon the problems he has with his father...thats it personality wise that I know about. He needs a cool adventure and someone to go on it with him...Shazam! Shazam, like Cyborg, doesn't get much love either and deserves his own series. But once again were left with the fact besides him being a chile who protects his foster siblings from bullies, what else do we know about him? Having the pair team up would give both heroes a chance to shine and look kick ass doing it!

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What mini-series would you want to see? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. 5. Trinity: we've seen Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman, this seems like a nutural next step.
    4. Grayson and the Court of Owls: an elseworlds story where Dick to his place as his generation's Talon.
    3. Batman Inc Adventures: technically, Inc is still around, I want to see what they get up to.
    2. Nightwing and Talon: I know this requires bringing back Nightwing, but I like this idea so much more than teaming him up with Agent 37. They have the obvious circus connection, and Nightwing even says that Calvin Rose seemed "familiar".
    1. Green Lantern/The Flash: I've wanted to see this as a series since The Flash Annual #2.

  2. Mini Series and Ongoings

    1. Constantine the hellblazer Presents (meta series): a series of mini series anthology with rotating characters or untold story from constantine writen and art various

    2. Power of Shazam (ongoing): featuring a shazam family writting jeff parker artist doc shanner

    3.Justice League: Black Baptism (limited series):featuring the justice league dark, creature comandos, night force, and the new titans dark writting paul tobin or gail simone art juan ferreyra

    4.Supergirl (Ongoing): Due to the success in the TV series should receive a new series writters Becky cloonan and brendan fletcher art miguel sepulveda

    5.Batwoman and the birds of prey: all new team leading by batwoman and consisted by hawk and dove, the spoiler, catwoman, red alice, vixen writters steve orlando and genevieve valentine artist trevor mcCarthy

  3. Two Words...Batman and the Outsiders.

    1. That's 4...I got a few
      Green arrows outsiders vs. batmans outsiders

  4. Love the Earth 3 Justice League idea! That could be a good digital-first now that Batman Beyond is a regular monthly and there is no Justice Lords comic anymore. I also think Shazam/Cyborg has possibilities, their personalities create a nice blend, as well as the technically younger Cyborg being more "adult" than Billy Batson.