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DC Comics Estimated Sales For October 2015

Who's ready to start Checking The Numbers?  Probably none of us because damn have the sales been dropping for our favorite comics for awhile now and besides for a couple of titles, that trend continues here.  As usual, we're only looking at the superhero books that we all know and love and leaving out collected issues of Digital Firsts and any other title that I just don't want to add to the list...... That's how I roll, so pretty much anything that Weird Science considers "The Main Books".  It was a really harsh month with DC only taking up two of the top 20 books of last month and I'm afraid if they don't start doing something drastic soon.......... Well, I don't know what will happen because I don't live in that money making world, but I'll continue to be afraid for the books that I love so much because I hate to see anything go.......... except for those books that I could care less about....... Yeah, I'm a complicated and selfish fellow.  Let's get on with the numbers already.

 Title and Number                                Price            Est. Sales       Previous Issue Est. Sales

1.      Batman #45                                    $3.99                  109,367              114,409

Yeah, it seems that with every month that Jim Gordon is Batman, there's a bunch of people falling off of the Batman book.  Which I can understand because even though I was originally really looking forward to seeing the former Commissioner rock the vigilante lifestyle, I'm beginning to get bored with it and can't wait to get my Bruce Wayne back.

2.       Justice League #45                        $3.99                   77,192                76,752

Hey, it looks like the death of Darkseid has garnered some attention at least because this is one of the few books that actually went up in sales this month.  In my mind though, if you're buying Batman, then you should totally be buying Justice League........ well, at least that's what I did as a kid....... along with some Green Lantern because that's just an awesome DC pull list when you're low on cash each week.

3.       Batman and Robin Eternal #1       $3.99                   76,882

Even with a strong showing with it's #1 issue, I don't think we'll be seeing Batman and Robin Eternal ever getting back to these kind of sales, but hopefully it will continue to sell around where issue #4 bottomed out.

4.       Justice League of America #4        $3.99                   56,543                 67,118

Holy shit, that's a hell of a drop in sales!

5.       Harley Quinn #21                            $3.99                   55,272                 56,836

6.       Batman and Robin Eternal #2        $3.99                    54,267                 76,882

7.       Batman and Robin Eternal #3        $3.99                    52,108                 54,267

8.       Batman and Robin Eternal #4        $3.99                    49,985                 52,108

9.       Detective Comics #45                      $3.99                     47,972                55,871    

Tomasi kind of got screwed when going into this book because he was forced to whittle his six issue story down to two to make room for the War of The Robins.  Hopefully, these sales regroup by December.

10.   Superman #45                                   $3.99                    42,693                 43,921
11.   Green Lantern #45                           $3.99                    38,406                 39,371

12.   Darkseid War: Batman #1                $3.99                     37,657

13.   Batman/Superman #25                    $3.99                     37,566                 40,132

14.   Action Comics #45                            $3.99                     36,560                 37,927

15.   Robin: Son of Batman #5                 $3.99                     35,619                 38,162

Even though I haven't been the biggest fan of this series so far, hopefully once it goes into War of The Robins we'll be able to get people on board, especially since Damian will be back in Gotham.

16.   Flash #45                                          $3.99                      35,485                 36,111

17.   Superman: Lois and Clark #1           $3.99                     35,009

This really isn't the stellar #1 sales that I was hoping for with this title.  Out of all the stories to come out of Convergence, I really thought this would be the one to blow up....... Yeah, it out sold Telos and Titans Hunt, but I really thought we would have been at least in the 60,000 territory....... It was such a good book.

18.   Wonder Woman #45                         $3.99                    33,885                  36,151

Yeah, Wonder Woman's been hard to get into lately and I guess people are just bailing instead of weathering the storm and waiting for better times.

19.   New Suicide Squad #13                     $2.99                    33,260                  34,622

20.   Grayson #13                                      $3.99                    32,260                  32,284

At least Grayson is doing half decent in keeping it's readership.
21.   Superman/Wonder Woman #22       $3.99                   32,044                   34,349

22.   Deathstroke #11                                $2.99                    31,121                  31,241

I don't know how Deathstroke does it, but this book maintains better than any other it seems like and it surprises me every month.

23.   Titan’s Hunt #1                                 $3.99                    31,037

24.   Batman Beyond #5                            $2.99                    29,409                   31,202

Now this shocks me because this issue was really awesome and I thought that word of mouth would have at least pushed this book up to where it was the issue before if not more.

25.   Batgirl #45                                         $2.99                     29,276                   30,654

Oh Batgirl!

26.   Starfire #5                                          $2.99                     28,714                   30,485

27.   Cyborg #3                                           $2.99                     27,550                   29,167

Man, I hope that this book picks up after the Technosapien War is over because I begged and begged to get this title and if it's this low at only issue #3, then we have some trouble.

28.   Teen Titans #12                                 $2.99                     26,796                   32,112

This book needs to do something fast because it is losing all it's readers....... I love the Teen Titans and need to see something decent come out of this series soon.

29.   Cyborg #4                                            $2.99                     25,926                   27,550

Poor Cyborg.

30.   Aquaman #45                                     $3.99                     25,495                   26,396

I'm actually shocked that this title has maintained as well as it has.

31.   Green Arrow #45                               $2.99                     23,614                   25,620

This one shocks me too because I haven't like anything that's come out of this series since June.

32.   Earth 2: Society #5                            $2.99                     23,459                   25,443

33.   Sinestro #16                                       $2.99                     23,179                   22,090

Way to go Sinestro!  Show all these other punk ass titles how it's done!

34.   Green Lantern: Lost Army #5           $2.99                     22,605                   24,249


35.   Black Canary #5                                 $2.99                     22,215                  23,678

36.   We Are Robin #5                                $3.99                     21,243                  22,893

I said this last month and I guess I'll have to again, help me out people!  I love We Are Robin and I really want it to continue and the only way that will happen is if all of you get on the trolley and start picking this book up........... will ya do me that solid?  

37.   Red Hood/Arsenal #5                         $2.99                     21,025                  22,113

38.   Constantine: The Hellblazer #5        $2.99                     20,431                  21,974

39.   Catwoman #45                                    $2.99                     20,229                  21,507

40.   Telos #1                                                $2.99                     20,126

Now that's a shitty showing for a #1 issue.......... but seriously, I don't know anyone who was clamoring for a Telos book and I guess I'm surprised that it did as well as it did.

41.   Batman: A.K.G. #3                              $2.99                     19,045                   21,555

42.   Justice League United #14                 $3.99                     18,865                   20,160

43.   Martian Manhunter #5                       $2.99                     18,416                   19,738

Okay, now this just pisses me off.  This is probably one of the best if not best book that DC is putting out and there you are not picking it up and pissing me off.  Go get Martian Manhunter, you won't regret it.

44.   Green Arrow Annual #1                      $4.99                     18,009

I'm actually very angry that we have to go back to the story line that this Annual presents in January.

45.   Gotham Academy #11                         $2.99                     16,560                   17,292

46.   Secret Six #7                                         $2.99                     16,343                   17,376

47.   Justice League 3001 #5                       $2.99                     15,512                   16,704

48.   Doctor Fate #5                                      $2.99                     14,560                   16,258

49.   Bizarro #5                                             $2.99                     13,500                   15,183

50.   Midnighter #5                                       $2.99                     13,235                   14,431

51.   Gotham By Midnight #10                     $2.99                     12,932                   13,698

52.   Bat-Mite #5                                           $2.99                     11,929                   13,040

53.   Omega Men #5                                     $2.99                     10,532                   11,302

I think it was a real mistake for DC to come out and say that they would keep this series going for twelve issues because man did that fan out cry disappear as soon as this series was saved from cancellation.

54.   All Star Section 8 #5                            $2.99                     9,787                     11,240

55.   Doomed #5                                            $2.99                     8,147                     9,527

56.   Prez #5                                                  $2.99                     8,098                     8,931

Do we really think that this series will come back for six more issues after a short break?  It doesn't look like it would even be worth it for how low the estimated sales are.

Well, it's another disappointing month for our heroes and where we're at right now in their stories, it looks like it's going to be awhile before we get to see a big change come and hopefully put these characters that we love so much back on top.  

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  1. Wow dark days for DC man seriously all those rapid and weird changes post convergence really fucked things up, jim as batman, sorta depowered clark, lost army, starfire and even though its pre convergence ill lump batgirl in that to just feels like DC is trying so hard to be "new and hip" and just come off as lame boring and plane awful