Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Titans Hunt #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

I've Got a Strange Feeling About This

Written By: Dan Abnett
Art By: Stephan Segovia, Hi-Fi, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 18, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's time to get to another story that has spun out of the pages of Convergence and while I didn't mind the first issue to this series, it felt like it just didn't provide enough to get me really excited.  Maybe this is due to the team that was presented and me not having a lot of background with them besides for Dick Grayson, Roy Harper and Donna Troy, but whatever it was; I really hope to get a decent Titans book because it really hasn't happened since the New 52 reboot.  In the previous issue, we had all the characters of this book feeling the heebies and jeebies as they were put in scenarios or saw things that seemed familiar to them, but couldn't quite put their fingers on how or why.  By the end, we saw that the character Lilith was reaching out to our heroes trying to get them to come together because something dangerous is coming that wants to destroy them.  Hopefully, we get a little more to the story so everything doesn't feel completely cryptic and we find out why these characters are being reminded of a past that never should have happened.  Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Roy Harper completely relapsing into his alcoholism as we see him drinking and driving on his way to meet up with Lilith....... who if you forgot, seems to be his addiction sponsor.  Well, that trip goes nowhere fast when Roy sees a shadowy figure appear overhead and spins his truck before getting out and brandishing his bow and arrow at the sky........ 

Yeah, it should be no surprise now that we saw the feathered staff that the shadow was carrying that Mister Twister is our villain of this story and that boy is diabolical because with Roy's reaction to seeing him, there's no way that the cops who pulled up behind Roy will let him go on his way.  It's hard to say because of all the mystery that is surrounding this story if Mister Twister is the one pulling all the strings, but after Roy beats the hell out of the cops and tries to get on his way, he's haunted by a phantom voice that claims only bad men hurt the police and this distraction gives the cops ample time to taze Roy's ass and put him down.  

We move along to Dick Grayson in the Batcave, where he's trying to find out something about Atlanteans and that strange dream of Lilith he had in the previous issue, but all it comes down to is Alfred giving him a strange analogy about hunting and what Dick's doing that gives Dick the idea to get Garth's attention by putting the Atlantean lungs he seized last issue into the water and wait for a response.  Now maybe I'm just too dumb to really understand what's going on here, but in the beginning of this issue we had a huge narration about fate and hunting and about the relation between hunter and prey....... and then we have Alfred make a similar note here and it just comes off so unneeded and over the top.  While Dick prepares his trap for Garth, we move along and see that Gnarrk has gone full on caveman out of nowhere and is preparing to go out on a hunt himself...... whatever that means and Mal and Bumblebee see a strange and scary shadow in the pictures behind Mal accepting his Gold Star award from the previous issue........ Yeah, I understand that we have to keep in touch with all the characters and what they're doing, but at least give me something interesting when doing it because I don't know what any of this means to the story or to the characters when presented in this way.

In the end, Grayson is confused about why he picked this certain shoreline to place his bait in, but goes with it anyway and before he could sit down and listen to his favorite movie score by Mal Duncan, Garth comes out of the water and is ready to attack the surface dweller that would mock Atlantis with their own blood.  Yeah, Grayson tries to apologize and explain that he just wants to talk, but Garth isn't about listening to surface dwellers apparently and as our issue closes we see that he might have to rethink that when Donna Troy joins the fight.

That's it for this issue of Titans Hunt and while I really want to like this book, the way that the story is presented to us makes it very hard.  Like last issue, we keep jumping around to character to character as they talk about strange feelings they have and say strange things that come off feeling forced because they have to relay information to the reader about characters that we haven't seen in this continuity and nothing feels natural about it.  The only thing that this issue does is let people who recognize Mister Twister's staff know that he's the villain and get Donna Troy into the story because Grayson decided to pick the shoreline that she was just standing at like a creep in the previous issue, to place his trap.  Just really not a lot going on in this issue, but at least the art remained strong and I loved the colors in this book.

Bits and Pieces:

Titans Hunt doesn't offer a lot in story, but if you like characters doing strange things that they don't understand themselves and saying strange things so we the readers understand that they are indeed strange, then maybe this issue is for you.  For what we've seen so far, it's just really hard to be excited about what's going on because like the characters, I'm not sure myself what that actually is.  Thankfully though, we continue to have strong art in this series and the colors just pop off the page.



  1. When will we see Wally West in new DC world Titans aren't the same without him! Kanye West is so unpopular in Flash.

    1. you may have to wait for another reboot for that