Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #6 Review and *SPOILERS*

Mogo Is A Whirlwind of Emotions

Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Jesus Saiz, Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 18, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

So far from this series we've had space battles, flashbacks, flying through space and a prison break and that's about it.  Green Lantern in general is one of my favorite heroes....... I say in general because I just love me some ring slinging so you could throw any of the Earth based Lanterns in that role and I'd be okay with it because I just love the idea of the characters so much.  Sadly though, this series has done nothing for me since it began and I even find myself dreading it each time it's set to come out.  That all ends today though because this is the final issue to the series and we'll see what happens from when our heroes escaped the light pirate prison at the end of the last issue and found Mogo being attacked by spectrum converting pyramids to what brings them to the Edge of Oblivion.  Okay, so let's jump into Lost Army one more time to see if the final issue can make the whole thing worthwhile.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:
Our final issue begins with us seeing the rest of the Green Lantern Corps that have been lost since this series began..... or if you think about it, John Stewart finally stopped being lost and finally found everyone else.  It's all about perspective.......... Yeah, I got nothing.  Anyway, even though we saw a shit ton of light-smiths from this Universe take off in the opposite direction last issue, it seems that our Corps can't find a bit of piece because when they come upon Mogo, they see that light-smiths from every emotion are attacking Mogo and the Corps.  The only good news I have about this development is that Simon Baz is kicking ass and taking names and I can't tell you how happy I am to see this "lost" Lantern because it feels like it's been a dog's age since we got to see him featured in a book.  Sadly though, instead of seeing him rock that sidearm that he carries, we see him here making two pistol constructs and that doesn't make much sense to me...... That's only a picky little thing though, so I won't let it ruin my day.  Anyway, it turns out that the Corps have pretty much been fighting this battle with these other light-smiths since they got there and the reason for the attack is the Green Lantern Power Battery, which makes sense from everything we've seen so far from this Universe that's suffering from "The Dimming".  

During the fight we see some crazy shit.  Those weird ass pyramid power converters that we saw in the first and second issue are apparently trying to turn Mogo into the light that they represent and whenever one of our Lanterns gets caught in it's beam, they get transformed into whatever spectrum that pyramid is rocking....... and that is one of the most interesting things that I've seen from this series so far.  While I'm jumping up and down at this new development, Salaak is on Relic's ship shaking his head because he believes that Mogo will be torn apart from this emotional onslaught.  Well, he was wrong because instead of falling to pieces, somehow Mogo was transformed into a being like Kyle Rayner became when he took on the mantle of White Lantern, but unlike Kyle, it seems that Mogo has just become a being that is able to access all the emotional spectrums that were assaulting him and uses this power to chase everyone who doesn't belong off him. 

 So the fight is won and even though some of our Lanterns aren't exactly like they were when we started the story, like Guy Gardner just being a Green Lantern again and Two-Six being a Blue Lantern, it's time to find a way home.

In the end, Salaak uses Relic's sensors to discover an energy reading that matches that of their own Universe and the Corps travel to the Source Wall to find it......... But then we get into the last issue of Green Lantern where we saw Hal Jordan closing the fissure, when Black Hand was absorbed into the wall.  That's right, John Stewart witnesses his friend trapping him and the entire Corps in this Universe that existed before our own and as our series ends, John keeps lying in order to maintain hope that the Corps can escape this Universe before it's inevitable end.  Because this isn't the actual end to these events though since we're heading towards Edge of Oblivion, we're teased with Krona telling Relic that these Lanterns have no intention of keeping their promise in showing Relic the Emotional Wellspring, but Krona might have a way for him to do it. 

That's it for this series of Green Lantern: Lost Army and even though I have not been a fan of this series at all, I have to say that this issue really brought "it" in the end.  Not only did we get some really cool developments with those pyramid power converters....... which I hope we see more of because when our Lanterns used one in the second issue, they were able to transform it into what they needed and as we saw here, they are able to transform ring slingers as well, but we also got some understanding to what that fissure in the Source Wall was in the Green Lantern series.  While I still don't see the need for the constant flashbacks to John's time in the Marines, at least it was used sparingly here and didn't get on my nerves too much.  Seriously though, while having the Green Lantern Corps gone from our Universe was a pretty big development, but ultimately useless because we know that they'll eventually get back, having Mogo and the Power Battery becoming a power converter themselves actually changes the game up completely with what our Lanterns will be able to do in the future and that gets me excited.  As always the art in this book is great and finally with issue after issue of me complaining that I wanted to see some backgrounds, we get it here and it really boosted the art up another notch and I loved it.  So while this wasn't the best series to follow, this final issue really made it worthwhile. 

Bits and Pieces:

For all my complaining about this series not bringing enough to the table, boy did it give me a extra heap of deliciousness for it's final issue.  The stakes were raised, it changed the game, the action was high and it even gave us an explanation to a question from another series.  With all that goodness, it even came with awesome art that finally delivered a beautiful landscape.  Definitely the best issue in the series and it makes me excited for Edge of Oblivion.  



  1. With Baz abruptly finally showing up, Guy shedding his Christmas colors to only green, and two-six now a blue, the series concluded by shaking things up a bit for Edge of Oblivion. I just hope that Taylor and Schiver do not rush that series. One thing's for certain, the universe needs the Green Lantern Corps. Hopefully, Edge of Oblivion will rectify all of that in January.

  2. What no image of the new badass Mogo?? And thanks for explaining why Hal was closing the fissure, that makes sense to me. Just hope that Black Hand doesn't pop up in this alternate universe!