Thursday, November 26, 2015

Superman/Wonder Woman #23 Review

A Different Angle

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, Mark Irwin, Keith Champagne, Will Quintana and
             Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 25, 2015

If you are like me, every time one of the Superman books comes out, you have to get your head straight and try to figure out which storyline you're about to read.  Is this the one in Siberia with Batgirl?  Is this the book with Superman wrestling Gods?  Do I have to deal with those stinking Shadow Ninjas?  Well, Superman/Wonder Woman isn't any of those.  Nope, this book ended last issue with our title heroes breaking up their romance and breaking Parasite out of jail...well, actually a helicopter on the way to jail, but give me a little lead way here.  We all know that Parasite is going to suck big time, but did this issue follow suit?  Let's find out...

The issue picks up right where we left off last month, Superman has offered Parasite a deal and the big purple powers eater wants to know exactly what the deal is.  While Superman tells him the details (which basically is find the power source, go to the power source, eat the power source), Wonder Woman gets closer and closer and then seals the whole thing by beating the shit out of Parasite...more than once.  It's like she's overdoing it to impress Clark.

I know that most Superman fans have been complaining about Clark being an asshole since the June change up, but I personally have had more problems with the characters he's been working with...Batman in Batman/Superman and now Wonder Woman in this issue.  I know that there is no fury like a woman scorned, but she is downright horrible to poor old Parasite this issue.

Parasite gets a bit of revenge next when he makes Wonder Woman and Superman get involved in a little superpower cuckold to get back into fighting shape.  While Superman watches, Parasite sucks Wonder Woman's power for five really long seconds.  Actually, it's a little longer and only stops when Superman forces Parasite to let go of Diana.  Am I the only one who thinks the three of them missed their true calling in adult films?  Of course I am!  Oh well, Parasite uses the power up to locate the power source for Superman and the plan is off and running.

I'll tell you that while I'm having fun joking about everything, I had fun with the issue so far.  Sure, Wonder Woman is acting like a word I will not type here (it begins with a "B"), but Parasite is always fun and seeing him make Clark watch Diana and him was hilarious.  Besides that, I really liked the dialogue between them and just like the team up in general.

We then shift gears to visit with two of the main villains of the Superman books, Vandal Savage and Angelo Bend.  Bend wants to get things moving forward, but Vandal remains a "We will sell no wine before it's time" kind of bad guy.  We learn a little more about Bend and his relationship with Savage which is good because he is the one part of the puzzle that has really been neglected.  The ending to this scene promises we are going to get a lot more of him in the near future and also shows the reader the fate of one of Eric's favorite superheroes.

We get to see the fate of all the captured heroes and villains when Parasite, Superman and Wonder Woman get into Bend's super secret lair.  After Bend addresses the trio and commends them for finding him, the book begins an all-out battle with some cool heavy hitters.  Atomic Skull, Live Wire, Major Disaster, oh my!  Add in some random Black Hole creatures and we got ourselves a damn good brawl.  I vote Parasite as the MVP as he saves both Supes and Wonder Woman!  Unfortunately, he can't be everywhere at once and the issue ends with one of our heroes about to become a superhero battery for the bad guys.

I am really having problems deciding if I like these Superman books lately because of how much I hated the first arc of this Truth story or because of their own merit.  Either way, I had fun with this issue.  Tomasi moves the story ahead a little bit and  I loved seeing more of Bend and can't wait until we just quit the nonsense and show him as the full blown Angle Man.  His future conflict with his Father is what I want to see now.  It also doesn't hurt that we got a kick ass all-star battle this issue.  The two things that bothered me about the issue was how little it seems to match up with what's going on in the other Superman books.  This is still a kind-of crossover, right?  I also didn't feel any ramifications of the big breakup between Clark and Diana last issue.  I guess I could chalk it up to Wonder Woman being a professional, but she wasn't one at the beginning of the issue.

Doug Mahnke's art in this issue is excellent.  In fact, the whole team (including four inkers including Mahnke himself) did a really good job even if I am not a huge fan of this Parasite design.  That's just a personal taste thing and I'm sure others may like it so I can't take points off for that.  With all the crazy characters and action going on, it may surprise you that my favorite art is the character work for Vandal Savage. It's brief (and on a video screen), but I loved it.

Bits and Pieces:

I had a lot of fun with this issue.  While it may not jive completely with the other books overall, Peter Tomasi gives the readers a cool team up of Parasite, Superman and Wonder Woman and lets them cut loose against some awesome villains.  We also learn more about the mysterious Mr. Bend which sets up some trouble in bad guy land in the near future.  Doug Mahnke and a bigger than usual art team does a really good job making it all look real nice and what we end up with is one of the better Superman books since June and one I can finally recommend.


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  1. Poor Parasite, really?! I'm beginning to think that each different Superman book is separating itself... It has too with Supes being in Oakland, in some swamp, and in the Artic all at the same time. The last page was kickass but where did Supes gloves go???