Friday, November 27, 2015

Top 5 Black Fridays: Things You'll Want To Pick Up On Black Friday In The DC Universe *JODY EDITION*

Welcome back to another exciting and a little silly, Top 5 Friday!  Last year Eric covered what he thinks would be the Top 5 things to pick up on Black Friday in the DC Universe (click HERE to see last year's list), and I got to thinking that times change and so does preference when it comes to items. Just because that Bat-mobile was cool last year, doesn't mean that the Bat-Truck this year isn't on the top buyers list. With that reason in mind (and the fact my mind is still in a food coma from Thanksgiving), this list will be MY version of the things you want to pick up on Black Friday!  As I said it is my list, so if you don't see what you want on here, TOO BAD! Enough talk! Let's begin!

5: Mobius Chair

Tired of walking around? Tired of not knowing the answer of life's questions?  Do you want to have the knowledge of a friggin' god? Well look no further than the Mobius Chair. This chair is not only comfortable to sit in, but it's also a database that holds all information of the past and present. Want to know the identity of your greatest enemy? It knows that! Want to learn the origins of the universe? It'll take you there for a front row seat to the fun? This chair is so amazing that even Batman approves!* Would you not want something that Batman approves?

*Batman is currently under the negative effects of the Mobius Chair

4: Power Ring

Question: Who doesn't like jewelry? Better Question: Who doesn't like POWERED jewelry? Jewelry that can create anything your imagination can think of? That's right! were talking about Lantern Rings! Best part of these rings is the fact they are best suited for their user through personality! Are you someone who feels love for all the people around them? Welcome to the Star Sapphires, enjoy your violet ring! Maybe you are angry at your neighbor whose dog left you a present on your lawn again. Don't worry we got you covered with a Red Ring of Rage. You spew that plasma all over that jerk neighbor and his dog! The downside of course is that you will be subject to their oaths, but you'll look damn cool doing it!

3: Rogue Weaponry

Its good to be bad sometimes and there's nothing badder then villainous weapons. Joker may have knives and Deadshot has guns...but wheres the style?  Wheres the WOW factor? Instead of trying one of the more common weapons, try out some Rogue Weaponry! Each one is tailored specifically for different types of heists. Lets travel into the bank through reflective surfaces through the Mirror World, blow away guards with the weather wand, maybe even freeze the doors to keep the cops out with a cold gun. If you think that's impressive, we haven't even touched upon the arsenal of the Trickster! Go bad this holiday season with the Rogues and their weapons! 

*Weird Science does not promote criminal activities of the Rogue Nature

2: Power Armor

You know that billionaire who flies around in an iron suit saving the world? Whats his name? OH YEAH! RAY PALMER! Ray Palmer and Batman prove time and time again that money really does help the fight for justice. Power Armor is definitely one of those things that varies for use. Want to be quick and quiet yet deadly? Court of Owls power armor used by Lincoln March is perfect for you! Want to shrink so far that you are rubbing elbows with atoms? Palmer Tech has a suit that will bring you down to size and kick ass at the same time. Don't even get me started on the Bat's Armor! We got cop armor, justice buster armor, armor that siphons power from the city, armor from beyond, armor that could go toe to toe with gods AND MANY MORE! If you wanna be a hero, but don't got the power, armor up with some Power Armor!

1: Mother Box

Do you love traveling without consequence or billing? Do you want to see alien worlds? How about you PING some money towards a Mother Box from the shining realm of New Genesis! Like the Mobius Chair, It knows histories, present events and a variety of other topics! Unlike the Chair though, The Mother Box is loyal to its user and has no ill side effects! It can boom tube you over to have coffee with your multiversal twin for a nice breakfast and boom right back before your boss can call on you for being late! Speaking of which, why even have a boss? Gather a few of your friends and try to become the next big New God or try your hand at creating a Parademon army for you to control! Ain't no Mobius Chair, but it's definitely meant for TAAR-YOU!

That's it for this more silly edition of Top 5 Fridays! What item of the DC universe would be on your shopping list? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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