Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 46: Poor Stinky Jamie

This Podcast may not be the place to go for world events, but if you want to hear about all of this week's DC Comics comic book releases, you could do worse...possibly.  Jim and Eric decide they are the James Brown's of podcasting and it has little to do with smoking crack and beating up their women...or does it?  They eventually talk DC Comic comic book news, and review all of this week's comics, read listener mail and are joined by Reggie and Ryan for the Recklessness and the Other Side Segments.  Oh yea, we also learn about Jim's favorite person from Eric's past...Stinky Jamie.  It's just another week in Weird Science Podcast Land.  Enjoy!

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DC Comics comic books reviewed: Batman and Robin Eternal #7, Batman Europa #1, Martian Manhunter #6, Action Comics #46, Titans Hunt #2, New Suicide Squad #14, Green Lantern: Lost Army #6, Earth 2 Society #6, Doomed #6, The Legend of Wonder Woman #2, Bizarro #6, Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #4, Secret Six #8, Telos #2 and Doctor Fate #6

DC Comic Comic Book News: Three New Creative Teams announced for February, Brett Booth Leaving Flash and Frank Miller writing Dark Knight 4

Ryan's Other Side Comic Book Review: Huck #1

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