Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays from the Weird Science Get Fresh Crew

Happy Holidays to everyone out there and we hope that you get everything you asked for as you take time to visit family, friends and for some strange reason, Weird Science.  The Get Fresh Crew gather each year to exchange gifts, drink Reggie's kick ass eggnog and listen to Eric tell tales of Christmas mornings filled with board games and tears.  Oh the joy! We would like to take this time to thank everyone who comes to our site, listens to our podcast, talks to us on Twitter, shares our stuff on Google guys are awesome!

Some random thoughts and stories to make your Holiday a bit more festive:

"Garbage Day!" -Eric's favorite Christmas Movie Quote (Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2)

A couple years ago, my wife decided that the only gifts our children would receive were books or gift cards to a book store...not just from us, but everyone was told the plan.  I can still see my kid's faces when they ran down the stairs and were greeted by a pile of books and gift cards. I think a pair of socks would have given them more glee.  I can still see it and it still makes me want to cry! -Jim

One year for Christmas my Jewish relatives showed up and stayed uninvited, talked about the Holocaust the whole time and demanded Kosher Middle Eastern food that had to be picked up moments before dinner was served. When my dad brought out the ham, my aunt said, "That's a wonderful-looking roast, what kind is it?" She recoiled when told it was pig meat - Reggie

One year for Christmas, my grandma gave me a flag. An actual 5' American flag with a plastic eagle on top, that you put on your front porch. I was like 8. All I wanted was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I got a flag. It has stuck with me since then. Now the only holiday I dread more than Christmas is Flag Day... -Ryan


So when I was 5 or 6 I got one of those power wheels police tricycle. I loved it, but a whole day's charge couldn't get me out of the fucking driveway. So after a month we kept in the basement. The battery went crazy because late at night it would go off on its own and the sounds effects of a police siren and radio would go off. It scared the hell out of my family and I. I thought I had a haunted police tricycle. We took the battery out later that week. -Joel

We hope that everyone has a merry and safe Holiday! See you all soon...


  1. One Christmas growing up my dad got me a left handed hockey stick. Only problem is that I'm right handed, thanks dad! Happy Holidays to the Get Fresh Crew!!

    1. there usually were a lot more lefties available!

    2. Ha don't try to defend my dad, he didn't know what hand I was. Or try to say that he wanted me to learn left hand stick skills lol. What about the FUBU sweater he got me one Xmas, was way too scared to wear it!

    3. I had FUBU shoes that I wore loud and proud...and they were really cheap.

    4. yea, didn't really wearing them, not the shoes because those things were so comfy!

    5. I'm going with your dad got you the FUBU shoes, he wanted to toughen you up.

  2. My grandma never me a gave me a plastic flag but did give me a nice healthy fear of God and tons of Catholic guilt. I spent my childhood hearing about how God would punish me for...well...everything I did. I later discovered that she was agnostic. Thanks, Gram.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone