Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 50: What a Dildo!

It's Star Wars weekend so Jim and Eric talk...DC Comics.  Yep, they stick with their mission statement and talk about every DC Comics comic book that came out this week.  The podcast may be filled with Superman, Batman, and the Justice League, but Eric's girlfriend steals the show with her podcast debut and it's a doozy.  In fact, it literally took Jim's breath (and ability to speak) away.  We all hope that Eric is still alive and that you all enjoy the show.

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DC Comics Reviewed: Batman and robin eternal #11, Justice League #46, We are Robin #7, Justice League United #16, Batman Europa #2, Superman: American Alien #2, Martian Manhunter #7, Batman: Arkham Knight: Genesis #5, Secret Six #9, Batgirl #46 and Harley Quinn #23

DC Comics News: Big #50 issues coming in March (Batman, Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman featured), Vixen coming to Arrow, Ra's al Ghul to appear in Legends of Tomorrow, White Martians to appear in Supergirl and Supergirl Digital First book officially announced with details.

Reggie's Recklessness: Man of Steel

Ryan's Other Side: Darth Vader Annual #1

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  1. Jim and Eric:

    So, I've started listening to this week's show (terrific as always)and I have two things to say:

    01) Re: the Miracle/Barda continuity questions. There is a whole year still unaccounted for between the end of WORLD'S END and the start of EARTH 2: SOCIETY. It's plenty of time for Barda to have become good (again), been reunited with Mr. Miracle and taken whatever actions necessary to, more or less, establish their current status quo in JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR; and

    02) Eric,does your girlfriend have a sister?

    Thanks for another great show. - Jack

    1. Eric can't get over that Earth 2 mumbo jumbo! Eric will have to speak about his girlfriend because I don't want to get yelled at.

  2. I've always suspected that Jim and Eric are actually two 14 year old boys recording in their basement hiding from disapproving parents. I had it confirmed this week when Eric was busted by his mother for joking about her dildo stash. He then tried to convince us it was his girlfriend but we know better.

    Don't worry Eric, I've called the child protection agency and they are going take you away; it's for your own good.

    1. It's about time one of you sadists listened to my cries for help and did something about it.