Friday, February 26, 2016

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Episode 6 "Star City 2046" Review and **SPOILERS**

Director: Steve Shill

Writers: Marc Guggenheim and Ray Utarnachitt

Welcome to your regularly scheduled Legends of Tomorrow review. As we left off, I was both disappointed and gladly surprised by the latest LOT two-parter. The story and character development was uneven. I didn't really get the idea that that the show was moving in a solid direction and it appeared to me that the future of the show was uncertain. Fortunately, "Star City 2046", shows us that future and it is great.

I previously mentioned that this show is like a TV Justice League. Well this episode is like crossover between TV Justice League and TV Batman Beyond. If that doesn't wet your appetite then I don't know what will. Onto the review...

Explain it!

Our episode begins with the team stuck in a dystopian future. Their time machine is broken and so they have no choice, but to go outside an investigate their surroundings. Outside they meet.... The Green Arrow. A man with clear plan, the Green Arrow quickly rocks their world and the team is forced into a hasty retreat. Upon further discussion, everyone realizes that they can in fact fix the ship with a prototype component. So, Rip calls in Cold and Heatwave to help steal it and prepares to leave. Before Rip can do that though, he gets a involved in a conflict with Sarah and almost immediately pusses out; agreeing to take her with them. Ray, Jefferson, Stein and Hawkgirl are left behind in order to get involved in romantic hijinks.

Outside of the ship, the team finds the new badass Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) getting owned by some street thugs. Before any of them collect themselves, more enemies join the fray and the team has to split up to escape. Captain Cold and Heatwave take over a gang, while Rip, Sarah and Connor go after the missing prototype. Instead of the prototype, Rip's team find a a very old and cranky Oliver Queen. Queen has been hiding out all this time and does not want to come out and fight. We get some amazing Arrow revelations, and the show goes from good to great.

Meanwhile, Cold and Heatwave get into a fight for the very first time. As expected, Cold wins and Heatwave agrees to reunite with his team members. When they arrive, the rest of the team has already secured the prototype, but are under attack. This means we get another great action scene and for the first time, the team actually wins. Victory comes at a cost, however, as everyone realizes Connor was taken.

Back at the ship, Sarah and Rip have another argument about the time-stream. I have to say, Rip's argument here is ridiculous, does he not understand that his future is also one of many? Anyways, Sarah wins again and she leaves in order to inspire Oliver into action. After doing so, the whole team goes to save Connor and a huge battle ensues. The good guys win.

Bit's and Pieces:

I have to say, aside from a few instances, of time travel cliches and contrived drama nonsense this episode was pretty much flawless. There's really not much for me critique. Oh wait yes there is. The whole Ray/Jefferson/Hawkgirl subplot was obviously filler. You don't have to that LOT, it's okay to have some episodes focus on some characters and not others. It's not okay to waste people's time. So with that in mind I'm giving this episode....


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  1. Would it be too on the nose if the episode was called "The Emerald Archer Returns" ? XD

  2. Green Arrow Beyond: The Return of the Deathstroke.

  3. Has anyone else noticed how Cold's gun doesn't seem to freeze people anymore? It just seems to push people back and or knock them over...