Thursday, February 25, 2016

Superman #49 Review and *SPOILERS*

Bunch of Savages

Written By: Gene Luen Yang
Art By: Jack Herbert, Hi-Fi, Blond, Wil Quintana, Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 24, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Just in case you aren't in the know, please, please please go and read Superman/Wonder Woman #26 before this issue because that story proceeds this one and things can get confusing since they both came out on the same day.  Now that we've got that out of the way, welcome to Superman!  I don't know if it's just because we're out of Mythbrawl but I get really excited going into this title now because shit is finally starting to come together with all of this "Superman losing his identity and powers" deal.  Like I said a moment ago, you need to read Superman/Wonder Woman before this because in that issue we saw Vandal Savage merge the Fortress of Solitude into the already merged Stormwatch Carrier and Justice League Watchtower.  Yeah, it's a big bad ship and since Superman isn't recognized by the Fortress anymore, once it was merged into the ship, it now can repel Superman within Vandal's comet seeking cruiser.  That's right, all of this is about getting the comet that gave Vandal his powers closer to Earth and that's what he was doing with Jupiter in the issue before Superman/Wonder Woman, getting the planet's moons out of the way to give the comet a clear course to Earth, for when he activated his comet tractor beam............ Shit is really getting all crazy with its Sci-Fi isn't it?  As the previous issue closed, we saw Superman take the entire Stormwatch Carrier on top of him as it was driven to the ground by Earth's magnetic forces.  Let's jump into this issue and see if Superman survived and if our former Man of Steel can defeat Vandal and his little Savages with his new Kryptonite powers.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Wonder Woman freaking the hell out because she just witness Superman get crushed and she's doing all that she can to dig him out by hand, but she doesn't do it alone for long because Lois Lane and Metallo show up and even though Metallo isn't all about helping Superman, after Lois asks nicely for him to help, he gets to digging........... which really doesn't last long either because as soon as he starts, Superman breaks free and it's time to get back to work in stopping Vandal Savage.  Stopping the immoral immortal might be harder than it seems though because on top of having that trifecta of awesome that is the combination of the Stormwatch Carrier, the Justice League Watchtower and the Fortress of Solitude, Vandal has enacted his plan of bringing the comet that gave him his power closer to Earth and with that, giving all his descendants powers as well......... Which leaves Hordr_Root looking like the Jan of Vandal's little Savage Bunch because since he doesn't have his original body, he doesn't get any powers and now has to play second fiddle to everyone else who comes along calling out for their daddy.  Vandal Savage isn't a man to entertain temper tantrums though and to stop Hordr's whining, he has Salvaxe take his axe to the back of Hordr's head......... and since he tells us that the axe is laced with viruses, both organic and of the software variety, I'm guessing Hordr_Root is finally dead and that's what he gets for having magic school buses that go to campuses in the clouds and pretty much making me hate the Superman title for awhile.

So with Vandal's kids getting all powered up, big daddy goes on the airwaves telling them that if they've gained power that they are his descendants and that they are the chosen few for his new world.  Only thing is, they have to prove their worth and daddy expects them to use this power to kill Superman and his friends.......... which kind of sucks if you happen to be either Superman or his friends.  To get ready for the upcoming battle, Superman gets Metallo to show him his heart so that he can juice up on some Kryptonite and man it's weird as hell to see Superman get his power the same way Ultraman does............ Well, not exactly the same way, he's not munching on it or snorting it so I guess he hasn't gotten all K addicted yet.  So the fight is on and even though it pisses me off because it doesn't make any sense for him to be there, Mister Terrific calls in backup for Superman and we get the entire Mythbrawl crew showing up to join the fight............. because I guess we didn't get enough of Mythbrawl before and it's not like we have an entire Universe of heroes we could call in to make people who love DC superheroes happy.............. lousy Mythbrawl.

In the end, Metallo ends up getting taken out by one of Savage's children and because Metallo scanned Superman and knows that his Kryptonite powers are killing him but he's still willing to save people he doesn't know, Metallo is willing to give Superman his Kryptonite heart so that for once in his life his heart can be as open as Superman's.  It's a bit poetic, but comes off a bit too cheesy and that's the end of John Corben.  As our issue closes, Superman take's Metallo's heart and gets ready for his final assault against Vandal Savage.

That's it for this issue of Superman and the biggest disappointment for me was that I continuously compared this issue to Superman/Wonder Woman because I had to read that right before this since they came out in the same week and Superman/Wonder Woman just came off way better all around.  Really though, not much went down in this issue even though we had two deaths, but because they seemed to come out of nowhere.......... and because I happened to hate both characters, the shock of their deaths did nothing for me and they did nothing for the story except maybe try to make this issue appear more important than it actually is.  The best part about this entire issue is the subtle and not so subtle moments where we see the love that people have for Clark, like when Wonder Woman thinks he's dead at the beginning of the issue, to the simple concern that Lois has for him and even Metallo getting over his disdain for our hero.  These are all great moments, but the overall story doesn't do much for me and the art and panel layout just seem really basic and uninspired.

Bits and Pieces:

Because Superman/Wonder Woman and this issue came out in the same week and continue each other's stories, I had a hard time trying to rate this issue based on it's own merits and not constantly making comparisons........... sadly I failed because Superman/Wonder Woman was just a better issue overall.  As for this though, there isn't much story and the artwork won't "wow" you, but at times it does show us some heart and that turns out to be the most enjoyable aspects of this issue.



  1. Such a fun read, don't listen to this doo doo above. Eric just wants HIS Superman back.

  2. I have to agree with you Eric. SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN was definitely better than this issue. But it's no contest, really, when you compare the creative teams involved.

    On its own merits, this issue is OK... But just ok.

    I,too, I'm a bit of a continuity nerd. So, obviously, Mr Terrific appearing again (unnecessarily) bugged the hell out of me (more than last time because you know that DC was made aware of the error, the first time they screwed up, a few issues back and decided to do it again anyway).

    I enjoyed the art this issue. My only complaint would be that it was a little inconsistent. In fact, more than once, I had to check to see if there weren't multiple artists on the book. I love the 2 page splash when the cavalry arrived, however.

    Aside from that, my only issue with the story itself would be how quickly Vandal Savage's offspring arrived on the scene after he made his announcement. Unless they had some genetic imperative to settle in the suburbs of Metropolis they got there really fast (from wherever their respective homes were throughout the world).

    In the end, this book could have been straight garbage and I still wouldn't hate it... because we got to see Hordr_Root, possibly one of the worst characters ever created, eat it.

    PS - 1) I love grandma harpy..." I done told ya I didn't need them pills!" She's a real go-getter, that one is.

  3. The twins really reminded me of Zan and Jayna, I think it was because of their costumes. I just kept waiting to see them fist bump and yell out "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!"

    1. LOL...form of an Ice Dildo! It always goes back there for me.