Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adventures of Supergirl Chapter #5 Review

Digital Immortality

Written by: Sterling Gates
Art by: Pop Mhan, John Rauch and Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 22, 2016

For those who have been reading Reggie's reviews for Adventures of Supergirl, please be warned that this review will contain 87% less big words than usual.  Yep, Reggie is in Germany and I, Jim Werner, am taking over this book for a fortnight.  I envisage that the assemblage of Reginald's normal inspection will proffer to gather my scrutiny of this publication with an unburdened consciousness and offer me the prospect of swaying them in relation to previous efforts.  Take that!  Now that I have that out of my system, let's get on with my review for this kick ass digital comic, shall we?  We shall...

If you haven't read the last issue of Adventures of Supergirl, you should go and do so before moving on.  Why?  Because this is the second part of the story, but also because of how good it was.  Kara's I.T. buddy, Winn, was targeted by a digital terrorist and as the story unfolded and words like "Vril" and "Dox" popped up, I couldn't help but get excited.  Then it ended with a cliffhanger showing the big bad in his lair, threatening to expose more than just his ugly green face.  No, he wasn't putting on a trench coat and heading off to do seedy looks like he is going to expose Kara's big secret.

The issue starts with a quick catch up of last issue (still go back and read it!) before Kara and Winn head off to solve their huge problem.  While even Kara says they should have just gone to the D.E.O., they head off to see RAZZLERDAZZLER130, another hacker with a pretty sweet setup.

This was a good opening with the right amount of humor to go along with the dire situation.  I was actually wondering how Razzler would react to Vril being an alien, but when she commented that so was Supergirl, I realized I was just a big dummy.  When they come in contact with an "echo code" of Vril Dox, however, Supergirl realizes she is a bigger dummy than even me.  She left Jimmy back at Catco...with Vril...or at least the know what I mean, right?

Before moving on, I have to give Sterling Gates some props for making the computer stuff very believable.  This is something that can turn even the best of stories into laughable pieces of garbage if it's overdone or done poorly and that isn't the case.  Sure, it's still comic book silliness, but I liked it.

Back to the story, Kara goes back for Jimmy and he is not looking so good.  He's a bit wired and yes, that is a bad pun.  It's also a call to arms for Supergirl who attacks Vril with a virus which sets our villain back a step, but only makes him more angry. The issue ends with a very quick wrap up of the story, but with the idea that this might just be the beginning.

This was another good issue of Supergirl.  Yes, things were wrapped up and tied together a bit too quickly and neatly for my liking, but it did make it seem like a television show, so you get that.  I really hope that we see more Vril Dox in the near future because what Sterling Gates gave us the last two issues was really good, but left me wanting a lot more.

Pop Mhan jumps on this issue and his art is less cartoony than the usual art this book has had...and I loved it!  It fits the darker story so well and his Supergirl and Vril Dox looked fantastic.  Hey DC, get him on more issues, stat!!!

Bits and Pieces:

Sterling Gates finishes up his great Brainiac story and this issue (and the last) show how good this book can be.  It stands firmly on it's own instead of just cashing in on the television show and I'm really enjoying it so far.  The only downer this issue was how easy everything was tied up, but the art and the cyberpunk (is that still a thing?) story were kick ass and easily recommended to any type of Supergirl fans.


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