Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana #3 Review

Enter the Squad!

Written By: Brian Buccellato and Mike W. Barr
Art By: Viktor Bogdanovic and Diogenes Neves
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: March 23, 2016

Another month, another chapter with our favorite “Squad-Members.” I use that term in quotes as 1: Katana isn’t a member of the Squad and 2: After the events of the last two issues, I don’t think Deadshot is either. While I have been enjoying Deadshot’s story, Katana’s has been pretty bland and cliche so far and is barely readable through the epic action and wonderful art.

Last we left off, Deadshot found his abusive parents and ended them after years and years of nightmares. The cost: Abandoning a Squad Mission, which Amanda Waller doesn't take kind to. In Katana's story, we see that despite her warrior spirit, she is only one woman. Thankfully a new group of insurgents dropped in and one would consider them... Suicidal... Get it? Because Suicide Squad? Yeah, you got it...

So what will happen next?! Will Deadshot get out of this mess he's in? Will Katana free Markovia from Kobra's grasp? Will this series really have any effect on the money the movie is gonna make?! With the exception of that last one, let's dive in and find out...

Deadshot: Dead Reckoning
Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Viktor Bogdanovic, Richard Friend, Michael Spicer

Starting right after Deadshot puts bullets in his jerkbag parents, Amanda Waller sends in Argus Troops to come after our favorite sharpshooter after he abandoned his mission back in issue #1. While he can take on a few platoons of soldiers, the real challenge shows up in the form of The Suicide Squad. This half of the comic continues to carry it with fantastic art and a story that continues to mold the character of Deadshot. The action here was amazing and violent, and even though they weren’t lethal, the blood splatters made it feel all the more painful looking in the best possible way. Another big plus is the interaction with the Suicide Squad itself, as really Deadshot is one of its key players so some are not too into taking him down. This story continues to get better, and makes it clear it doesn’t need to be partnered with another book for it to succeed.


Katana: As Above, So Below
Written by: Mike W. Barr
Art by: Diogenes Neves

We jump right back into the revolution for Markovia, as Katana gains new allies in the form of not only the Suicide Squad, but Prince Brion Markov. They take the fight to Kobra, but he has a very big trick up his sleeve. Alright, I’ll admit it… It’s gotten better. Not by much, but I did find myself enjoying some parts, especially the fight scenes and introduction to the more famous characters like Brion. Except there is one problem…  The character of Katana ain’t one of them. Heck I enjoyed the trio of D-class villains in the Squad over Katana. There's nothing new being brought to the table with her or this story. It’s cliched, but now we have some Squad antics matched up with Neves’ fantastic art, which makes this section much more readable than the last two parts. I truly think this story could be fantastic (It’s basically a superhero revolutionary war!), but with a bland character I can’t get invested in, I can’t see it happening anytime soon.


Bits and Pieces:

Another month rolls by, and we once again have Deadshot’s half carrying Katana’s, even though this time she has something interesting to read. While both halves are pretty, Katana’s plot is becoming sillier, but now has a cool cast of characters to help fight the war. Deadshot’s personal dilemma now has escalated and now is gunning for the one woman who deserves it, and it makes for one fun ride. If you need something to read, read this just for Deadshot’s story… and skim the pretty art of Katana’s.

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