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iZombie Season 2 Episode 15 “He Blinded Me With Science” Review and **SPOILERS**

Director: Dan Etheridge
Jon Enbom
Release Date: March 22, 2016 

Let’s catch up!

Before we get started, I would like to apologize for the delay on this recap. Unfortunately by the time I got around to watching this episode I was half asleep and I missed too much to write an effective recap. I finally was able to re-watch today and now recap game is set to be brolic. 

i-FUCKING-Zombie is back.

After a four week hiatus that left us with nothing but awesome loose ends we are backin effect like Das EFX bruh. To recap, Blaine was murdered by Mr. Boss then rose from the dead like the quick witted Jesus he is. There was the whole Rita/Glinda reveal. Ravi’s zombie cure was only temporary which meant that Blaine and Major were living on borrowed time, and on top of that Clive and his FBI girlfriend noticed that Major was now cavorting with Blaine. Shit was looking all sorts of fucked up and all of this awesome chaos is the reason why iZombie is the best show since Breaking Bad.

Explain it!

Let’s get the case of the week out of the way, because it really was kind of minor and only used as a vehicle to get Liv into the Max Rager offices. A scientist who was responsible for a horrific accident during a clinical trial that scarred a woman’s face and ruined her life was set on fire. All roads lead to the scarred woman, but when Clive and Liv showed up at her place, she was all healed. Turns out she had a twin sister who exacted revenge on her behalf. It was pretty inconsequential other than the aforementioned Max Rager visits and Liz and Blaine getting hopped up on scientist brains.

Now on to the important stuff.

We rejoin the show right where we left off, a muddied, bloodied and half naked Blaine is riding the bus and craving some brain, yes our hero (ok fine, my hero) has reverted back to zombie form after being killed by Mr. Boss and buried alive. I am not quite sure how Blaine got on the bus, he is only rocking boxers, mud, dried blood and a blanket. I know Seattle is supposedly hella liberal and but what bus driver lets this fool on his bus, plus where the fuck did he come up with bus fare?  I know most liberals preach income equality and all that shit, but it is usually from their Park Slope brownstones and they damn sure are not cavorting with the likes of homeless ass looking Blaine, jussayin. I guess in a world where zombies roam the earth minor details like this get lost in the shuffle.

Back at the morgue, Liz is boring Ravi with the details of her blow up with Rita/Glinda while Ravi is doing his fucking job and fixing up the burnt scientist from the case of the week. He gives Liz some scientist brains, she makes a dope looking soup, and breaks the fuck out with Clive to solve this murder. Just as they leave Blaine rolls up, plays the zombie roll groaning “braaaaaaaiiiiinnnnns” which freaks Ravi the fuck out until he realizes Blaine is just fucking with him.
Blaine is the fucking best!

A shaken Ravi realizes that Blaine has reverted to zombie and informs him that the zombie cure coursing through his system will soon turn on him and kill him, but fear not because he has a gang of tainted Utopium and is working on the fix. Blaine reminds him, that keeping him alive needs to be job one, because without the brain he is selling out of his funeral parlor/open air brain market, the zombie horde of Seattle will get hungry and wreak havoc on muthafuckers. Ravi promises a cure and sends Blaine home with some scientist brain and some wack ass gear he apparently got at Old Navy or some shit. 

Meanwhile, over at Max Rager, Vaughn who is hopped up on Max Rager’s new improved energy drink Super Max, is giving Major an updated list of zombies to kill, when Major lets it slip that he has been smashing Rita. Vaughn informs Major that Rita is his daughter, Major is a bit taken back but rolls with it because Vaughn has turned his sites on Rita who just strolled in rocking some big shades to hide the shiner Liv gifted her in the last episode and calls her on her always getting pissed at him for sleeping with the help. Rita removes the glasses and exposes said shiner, which amuses Major and enrages Vaughn, who loses his shit assuming Major was dropping bows on his seed. Rita intervenes, suggest Major bounce which he does, but not before throwing a Cam’ron “You Mad” at Vaughn:

Eminent death turns Blaine into a bit of a sentimental sap, he waxes poetic with his minions, leaves them instructions on what to do in the event of his untimely demise and warns them not to sell utopium because Mr. Boss is too smart and too ruthless for simps like them. He also wonders matter-of-factly, how Drake, his ace-in-the-hole double agent, didn’t know Mr. Boss was going to kill him and sort of leaves floating there.

Liv starts having visions of the scientists whose brains she is hopped up on getting dressed down by Vaughn, setting off all sorts of alarms and whistles, causing her to redirect the investigation with Clive to now include Max Rager. Turns out the scientist was working at Max Rager under an assumed name. Vaughn alerts HR to put the job up on Linkedin, so obviously Liv decides to apply. She shows up, learns of the secret basement, and tries to get in using the fingerprint reader in the elevator, you don’t need me to tell you how that worked out.

Blaine swings by the morgue to return the get up Ravi lent him earlier in the episode, he even had it dry cleaned and everything, what a fucking sweetheart. Ravi breaks him off with an “in case of emergency” experimental zombie cure that he came up with thanks to some help from Liv’s science brain. On his way out Blaine informs Ravi that he had to let the crotch out in his pants because Blaine obviously has a much bigger wiener than Ravi. Blaine fucking rules.

Major shows up at Blaine’s place to show him the new zombie list that Vaughn hit him with earlier in the episode, Major gets those tingles he gets when he is in the same room with a zombie, and realizes Blaine has been turned again. Blaine lets them know they are probably going to die soon, but not to worry because their best minds are on the case.  Blaine reviews the list, spots Drake name and suggests that Major take him out because Drake is a fucking asshole.

In other Drake news, Liz is busy trying to find out if Drake is a good guy or a prick (he is a cop, so what do you think?) she plants a burner phone under the passenger seat in his whip to track his movements. She follows him around to find out that he works for Mr. Boss. Should be a deal breaker but Liv gives him a chance to explain because she is a simp. She sets up a meeting with Drake at a restaurant but Drake never shows up, because Major dosed homeboy and tossed him in his trunk. Major pulls out of the parking lot just as Liv is leaving, shitty music designed to convey Liv’s sadness/confusion comes on, and we fade to black.

OH SHIT! I totally forgot, remember the Super Max that Vaughn was all hopped up on?  Well he is testing it on Zombies in his secret basement. It’s making them all 28 Days Later kinds of fast. Vaughn being the dick he is, starts tazing the zombie, who breaks out of the weak ass restraints they had, and kills the scientist. Vaughn breaks the fuck out for the elevator, while Rita fights off the zombie, and as she is calling out for help he does that dick move where you pretend you didn’t hit the open doors button in time and leaves her to get zombied. Back in his office Vaughn locks the door, pours a drink. Just as he regains his composure, the elevator opens, and Rita comes out calling for her daddy. Homegirl got bit and now has the zombie virus slowly turning her. Vaughn doesn’t let her in and she shuffles off. 


Bits and Pieces:

Two important details that I am sure will have devastating consequences in the future:

  1. Clive's girlfriend found what appear to be human brains at Blaine's father's cabin. They call her hook up at the bureau to request he take a look at the brains, and he is all like "oh more human brains" and they are all "what???" and he is all "didn't you read my report?" which they did, but not before Liv changed "human" to 'bovine". This is going to come back on someone hard.
  2. I might have a crush on Blaine. My wife is going to be pissed when she finds out. 


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