Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cyborg #8 Review and *SPOILERS*

Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend!

Written By: David F. Walker
Art By: Felipe Watanabe, Daniel HDR, Julio Ferreira, Oclair Albert, Adriano Lucas
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 24, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

While I wasn't the biggest fan of the Technosapien/Tekbreaker war of the first story arc to this series, I do have to admit that the aftermath of those events does peak my interest because I love the idea of Cyborg vs. the government and it just makes perfect sense that the world would react negatively toward cybernetics after all the shit that went down.  Cyborg at the moment isn't too concerned about it though because he just found out that a remnant of his mother still exists as an artificial intelligence that was created out of his mother's experiments in digitizing memory.  While this might mean that we're moving from daddy issue territory right into mommy issues, I look forward to everything we get of this arc.  Let's jump into this issue and see if my expectations are met as we see how this story unfolds.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with a real treat because for the better part of seven issues we've been dealing with some sad ass mopey shit or some hardcore end of the world type shit, but now we step into this issue and see Cyborg and Shazam just kicking it Justice League style as they take on a D-list villain by the name of Zookeeper and it's just hilarious because these two friends are just yukking it up the entire time, trying to make one another laugh and in the process making me crack up myself at all their nonsense.  It's a pretty fun time.

Throughout this issue though we jump back in time about two months to see the progression of the cybernetics regulation act and how the government brought Robert Zirrozinski into their black ops team to....... I guess take out cyber-people and do their whole regulation deal when it come to technology that Senator Champlin doesn't understand....... and from how old he looks, I'm guessing that goes for anything newer than a typewriter.  Besides for seeing that Bobby is going to be a rude cybernetic hunting dude with an attitude, we also see that after the government rounded up everyone infected by the Technosapiens, they released the people who didn't have any cybernetic enhancements after a doctor checked them out, but people like Bobby........ who if he doesn't start going by Mr. Zero for his bad guy name I'll be shocked, it looks like they were recruited so the government could exploit their talents.

In the end, Shazam and Cyborg take down the Zookeeper and his animal men, but our two stories in this issue finally converge when we see the pair confronted by the government's cyborg team and a mouthpiece in a suit, who tells Cyborg that he's to be taken into custody because of his sexy restricted body, but as you could figure, he's not about to go in without a fight and what kind of friend would Shazam be if he didn't back up his "Booyah" buddy?

That's it for this issue of Cyborg and goddamn was it an enjoyable read because we haven't had a lot of Cyborg just cutting loose and having a good time and because of that........ well, he's just come off a bit boring and at other times just an emotional sad sack that just wants his daddy's love.  That all changes here after we see him joking around and finally acting his age and the inclusion of Shazam in this issue just added to the enjoyment because as much as these two have been placed together in different titles and were supposed to be friends, we've never actually seen it up until this point or at least in a way that didn't make them feel like forced friends on a play date while their mothers drink wine and bitch about their no good husbands........ Maybe my childhood was different than yours....... don't judge.  All in all though, we furthered the cybernetics regulation act story in a way that was a lot of fun and it was showed to us with excellent art all the way through.

Bits and Pieces:

Cyborg breaks out of it's emotional slump in this one just to have a good time and it was really about time because I've been waiting to have fun with this series and now I finally have it.  With a story that progresses our overall arc, while stopping to poke fun of a D-list supervillain, you're sure to have fun with this issue and it's awesome art.


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