Monday, March 7, 2016

Earth 2: Society #10 Preview

Written By: Dan Abnett
Art By: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez, Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 9, 2016

While Batman and his allies fight to keep their city safe from organized crime, Green Lantern and his wonders struggle to prevent the world from toppling into all-out war. But Hawkgirl may have just uncovered a global threat greater than either of those dangers…one that has come with them all the way from Old Earth…the world-changing intentions of the mighty and secret Amazons!

While I'm a big fan of Dan Abnett's work, Earth 2 continues to struggle and I don't know if anything from this Universe is salvageable at this point.  Hopefully we get some decent stuff going on with Batman and his new team of toughs: Red Arrow and Wildcat because the political side of the story just isn't grabbing me.


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