Monday, March 7, 2016

Gotham Season 2 Episode 12 "A Dead Man Feels No Cold" Review and *SPOILERS*

Brittle Hearts

Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writers: Seth Boston
First Aired: March 7, 2016

*Non spoilers and score at the bottom*

It's a cold day in Gotham as Mr. Freeze sends a chill down everyone's spine with his weapon and intent...okay snow more puns.... okay now I'm done. Anyway, like the rest of Season 2, I enjoyed the heck out of the first episode with one of my personal favorite super-villains: Mr. Freeze. It was a great set up to his character and problem... but at the end of the first episode the cops had his beloved wife, Nora in police custody, and his cryo fluid only kills, not freezes... but when one of his victims steps out, revealed to have survived his freezing process, it fills Victor with hope, and prepares to get his wife back... All he needs is a suit of armor. So how is this gonna play out? Let's dive in...

We open up with Gordon leading a squad of officers into Ace Chemicals which had a silent alarm tripped. Turns out Victor Fries wants his Wife back, and has begun killing cops to prove he means business. Captain Barnes obviously doesn’t want it to happen after the deaths of cops, so he and Gordon come up with a pretty “good” idea: Transfer her to Arkham Asylum, which is a fortified medical facility for Nora to be treated at, and the cops could capture Victor at… Have a trap set at Arkham Asylum… The Asylum full of crazy people, some of whom would probably take the chance to escape, because it's FRIGGIN ARKHAM! I get that this is a prequel, but there are so many simpler and more logical plans! Private doctor firms are a thing! They have to be when the mob has been a big part of the city, hide her there! Either way Lee agrees to go as Nora’s doctor, and the whole gang begins to set up for the surprise attack, while Victor prepares his armor.

Meanwhile at Arkham, Penguin has begun his rehabilitation at the hands of Hugo Strange and his partner, Ms.Peabody. This rehabilitation involves him being strapped down and then get a seizure inducing oculus rift attached to your head, and no I’m not even kidding, the scene with the rehabilitation almost gave me a stroke. Flashing lights and colors are really distracting, even if it's only 10 seconds. However it does the trick and Penguin is left playing Duck, Duck, Goose. with the rest of the inmates.

The Police set up their barrier for the attack, when suddenly a truck comes barrelling through… but that's just a distraction… as Victor busts through the wall… and then i burst out laughing at how ridiculous he looks in his costume. He looks like an old school spaceman parody. He begins finding his way through Arkham, with a little help from Hugo Strange in exchange for some cryo fluid for his studies. When Victor finds his wife, Lee agrees to help Victor to put Nora in cryo, IF he agrees to turn himself in after. Victor agrees to this, despite Gordon being verbally against it, and freezes him in a closet, so he can get Nora and Lee to the cryopod back at his home… Yep. A man who has thought out a freeze gun, suit, and fluid could not have the common sense of TAKING A POD OUT TO A WAREHOUSE TO HIDE!

Meanwhile on the other side of Gotham, Alfred and Bruce return home, and Alfred reveals a big truth to him: He has found the file on M. Malone, the man who supposedly killed his parents. Bruce tries to take it, saying that he is ready to KILL Malone, to which Alfred, being sensible states that he’s to young, and refuses to let him carry the guilt… Hey look at that, child punching Alfred does have a heart. However that doesn’t matter as Selina shows up, berates Bruce for fleeing the city, but then agrees to help him face Malone.

Back at the Fries’ home, Victor prepares to freeze Nora… But then Nora has a change of heart, and asks him to let her die… Because even if she thaws and gets a cure, Victor would still be in jail for life, and she can’t live without him. Victor convinces her to go through with the process, but as he leaves to get her necklace… She switches the stable cryo fluid for the one that will kill her… When Victor returns he freezes her, effectively ending her life...and in depression of what occurred, Victor tries to take his own life...but we know how that song and dance goes.

The episode ends with Victor waking up in his new hypodermic bedroom, with Hugo Strange asking for his help on a few more projects… Looks like these two are gonna be the parents to a whole bunch of Super villains, and I can’t wait.

Bits and Pieces:
This episode was pretty friggin good. I was expecting the story of Mr. Freeze in a Pre-Batman Gotham to turn out terribly, but this arc has been one of the most solid episodes in the season. The only major thing I have to complain about is the fact neither Barnes or Victor had plans. Yeah, Arkham is fine, but really? A bus and a few cops to take down a guy who freezes cops dead? And Victor. You get your wife back, then what?! Hide in your basement till the coast is clear? With this newer, comic book direction the show is embracing more of, I can’t wait to see the rest of the season.


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