Monday, April 18, 2016

Adventures of Supergirl Chapter #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Psi Spy With My Little Eye

Written By: Sterling Gates
Art By: Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Hi-Fi
Letters By: Saida Temofonte
Digital Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 18, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Isn’t it sort of lame how Kryptonians need sleep? I mean, that’s just another of their weaknesses, isn’t it? You can shine green Kryptonite on one of the surviving members of the House of El, or you can just keep them up super late until they get slap happy. Just imagine Supergirl after seventy-two sleepless hours, she’d be using her heat vision to put out a fire and her cold breath to keep her coffee warm. Not to mention that evildoers can just wait until these aliens go beddy-bye before committing their nefarious acts. I much prefer a world-saving hero that doesn’t need sleep, or perhaps one that can stay charged by grabbing a few cat naps through the day, so no space demons figure out their sleep schedule and exploit it. But Kryptonians, like lame Earth-borne creatures, must rest, and while resting in the last chapter, Kara found her dreams invaded and controlled by a mysterious pair of glowing eyes. Do you think those eyes belong to a face, which is further wrapped around some kind of head? What do you think the possibilities are that this head is also attached to a reasonable facsimile of a body? Read on to find out!

Explain It!:

Kara Zor-El is still tossing and turing in bed, having a series of nightmares implanted by a mysterious being that oversees all of them. We see Kara first wearing some awesome Supergirl armor, fighting barbarian werewolves with dual-wielded golden swords. She jumps on a gigantic armored housecat and…can we just stay here in this dream with Kara? It looks absolutely awesome. Kara tells a bunch of human knights to fight valiantly while she looks for the culprit behind this weird dream, which is a weird lady in a purple cloak. As she nears the lady, the dream shifts again—into a montage of dream scenes because you ought to have gotten the idea by now. She’s the pink costume-wearing Supergirl of futuristic Chicago, she’s regular Supergirl fighting her Red Daughter of Krypton and The Adventures of Superman cartoon versions—she’s having a series of nightmares, is the point. And kicking ass and defeating every sincle one. Remember, she had a lot of practice sleeping while cruising through the Phantom Zone in her Kryptonian escape pod. Like, she has a Master’s Degree in sleeping.

Eventually, Kara busts through some dream barrier that leads to her the type of place Dr. Strange likes to hang out, all psychedelic shapes and random tufts of grassy dirt drifting by because that is normal dreamworld stuff. Turns out she’s in the realm of the dream weaver (who, I believe, can get you through the night) whose name is Psi, the Dream Mistress of Fort Rozz. She was an employee of the Kryptonian prison that cracked open and deposited a bunch of alien criminals on Earth a while back, and her job was…to hang out in people’s dreams? What does a gig like that pay? It was there that she was peeping in on Rampage’s dreams and learned that Alex Danvers killed Rampage’s sister in her service as an agent of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations. So Psi figures that if Alex is a bitch, her sister must be a double-bitch and thus intended to trap Supergirl in Dreamsville forever! Supergirl convinces Psi that she’s a good egg, and agrees to help Rampage if Psi will release her from her dream prison, which she does because girls gotta stick together. Kara wakes up abruptly in her own bed and immediately calls Alex to invite her to a slumber party at the DEO!

This chapter was a lot of fun, checking out Kara’s various dreams where she essentially punches the crap out of everything and everyone wherever she goes. The artwork by Emmanuela Luppachino is superb and the tripped-out homeworld of Psi is rendered really well. The story moves forward a notch and seems to be referencing the first arc in the series, for which we may see some closure. This was a cool chapter in an ongoing tale that seems to hold a lot of payoff for regular readers. So you should be regularly reading it! You don’t need to have watched the prime time CBS show in order to appreciate Supergirl riding a giant housecat. If only Sterling Gates had named it Streaky.

Bits and Pieces:

Supergirl continues to flex her expert-level dreaming skills and finds out who has been manipulating her night-nights recently--former Fort Rozz employee, Psi! This chapter is a lot of fun because we get to see a few variations on Supergirl that are both cool as heck and reference different versions of Supergirl from days of yore. Was there ever actually a "day of yore?" Like, were two guys standing atop a hill, watching townsfolk below going about their business, and one said to the other, "Yep, these are the days of yore"? I wonder...and I'd further like to know if the other guy turned to him and replied, "Nope, these days are your'n." And then they probably killed and ate each other, as was the custom in those days.


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  1. What a surprisingly great series, this could be my favorite issue so far. Is the naughty Supergirl wearing half covered boob outfit from something? If so I want to read it! Supergirl has moved into my top 3... Starfire, Julia, and Supergirl.