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Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 July DC Comics Rebirth Titles I'm Excited For

Welcome back to another fantastic Top 5 Fridays! Last week I covered the Top 5 June Rebirth titles (if you didn't read it and want to click HERE), and you readers rolled on up with your own lists! As much as I liked reading them, people were just throwing out the titles they were excited for even though the solicitations weren't out yet. I understand why just hearing the name Nightwing should have diehard fans jumping from their chairs and throw money at their local comic shops, but going in blind could lead to some bad experiences. Now back to the topic at hand, literally days after I made the list, the July Solicitations came out. You know what that means! TIME FOR PART 2 OF THE REBIRTH TOP 5'S! As always this list is personal preference, so if you don't see something that you like, I apologize. So with that in mind, let's begin!

5: Action Comics

We’ll start this list off with me picking my number six of June(it's my list shove off!).  I’ll be frank, I'm a little bit split on the changing of the Superman shield, but this post-Super League world continues to grow more and more intriguing with each solicitation that comes out. With Action Comics, Clark White (Yes, that's what I'll be calling him) will now be at the forefront to a world he is still not used to. A world where the Doomsday that killed him was a mere Larvae and is now much more dangerous. A world where Lex Luthor is/was a member of the Justice League. A world that he is now apart of and has to protect for both his wife and son. The first arc definitely seems to promise that Superman is going to have a difficult time not only facing the monster that killed him and dealing with this heroic Lex Luthor but also to protect Clark Kent, almost as if he's in debt to him for giving him this second chance.  What else can I say except I hope its... ACTION packed... Yes, I hated that too.

4: Nightwing

I’ll admit while I may have liked Dick Grayson, I never pictured him as a leading man for his own series. Call me simple-minded, but before I got REALLY deep into comics, I thought the sidekick should stay as the sidekick. Of course, that was before I actually decided to pick up Grayson. "But Jody," you die hard Wingdings are probably saying, "Grayson isn't Nightwing really! His adventures don't involve him as a spy!" If you honestly believe that, then I have to say: Do you REALLY like Dick then? Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you love Dick? If you only liked Dick for his awesome costume, then you REALLY don't. I like Dick because of his charm, humor, and generally brighter tone that he brings to the Bat-Family. I may be a little late to the Dick solo party, but with him returning to the world and Nightwing starting at #1 I feel it's the perfect time to continue my Dick loving and GOD ENOUGH WITH THE DICK JOKES ALREADY! (Also suck it, Tom Fulcher, I told you this comes out in July.... Kidding, thanks for reading)

3: Justice League

Unpopular personal opinion time: I like Justice League of America's STORY. Can it get out there sometimes? Yes. Can it get confusing and ridiculous? Absolutely! But the action and mystery surrounding the corporation and Rao's arrival have kept me interested. I believe that one of the major problems with Bryan Hitch's JLA is the fact that he has to balance both being a writer AND the artist. This is the MAJOR REASON why the book gets delayed so often. Now with the art taken out of his hands, his focus can go right to the story. The team has gone back to its original format, with the exception of our two rookie Lanterns. Not only am I happy with the choice of going back to a similar format as the original team, as this is technically a reboot, but also they give these two rookie lanterns a bigger spotlight to shine in. Yes, we all love Hal, Kyle, and John (and somebody had to love Guy), but they all had their time in the League at one point or another. Let these two shine a little more as the newest Lanterns.

2: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps

Speaking of Lanterns, Hal Jordan returns to lead the Corps to a better tomorrow. I know last week I said that it was great to have Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, but that doesn't mean that Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lanterns need to just sit on the sidelines. While the young guns are on the beat that is Sector 2814 with the Justice League, the veterans are out to engage in combat with the other Corps again. So what's the best way to start? By regaining the title of being the police force of the Galaxy. As I expected, with the Green Lanterns gone, Sinestro and his Corps took over, and even with the Gauntlet of Krona, Hal would not be able to take on the entire corps. That's when the rest of the Corp returns ready to go to war with Sinestro Corp. While I love the crossovers with all the Corps, I'm super excited to see the Green Lanterns fight their greatest enemies again after teaming up over and over for practically five years. The universe of DC is about to get lit up with flashes of Green against Yellow again and I can't wait!

1: New Superman

I am a sucker for origin stories. You put a brand new hero in front of me, I'll definitely stick around for at least the first story arc, and that's what is going to happen for our newest addition to the Super Family: Kenan Kong.  While we don't know much about our new hero from China, we should be learning more about him in the coming issues of the Super League story arc. Granted I'm already a little on edge with the fact that his probable creator may be doing it for a more sinister purpose, just look at Kenan himself. Young, bold, and the costume looks pretty friggin' cool. Now expand your view. The characters are already intriguing me such as the doctor who makes the Superman and this person on the right of the cover who I will refer to as Chinese Batman until I can get a confirmation of who he is. Gene Luen Yang appears to be putting a little bit of himself in the coming of this Superman and I'm excited to see where this goes when we meet him during the Super League.

That's it for this Week's Top 5! Are you guys excited for in the July Rebirths? Hellblazer? Batgirl and the Birds of Prey? Maybe one of my choices? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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  1. 5.Blue Beetles
    4.New Superman
    2.Detective Comics

    Looking forward to Gotham Academy's return as well.