Monday, April 18, 2016

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Episode 11 "The Magnificent 8" Review and **SPOILERS**

Director: Thor Freudenthal
Writers: Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim
Air Date: April 14, 2016

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another weekly dose of your DC's Legends of Tomorrow review. This week, marks the debut appearance of a legendary DC Comics character. A character who has gone to become DC's most popular Western hero: Jonah Hex. Now, dear ol' Jonah has in fact appeared before in live-action...But we really, really don't like talking about that. I'm hoping that now, with the benefits of more accumulated wisdom and technology, we can finally get a better rendition of the character. I'm hoping that Legends does not disappoint. What exactly is the result? Well.. you're about to find out...

Explain it!

This week's episode begins as the team discusses how best to hide from the Time Masters. As it turns out, there're certain points in time that are invisible to technology. One of this points is in the Old West, and as Rip points out, the history point would make a great tool to buy themselves some time. Too make a long story short, the team finds a good parking spot, and Rip tells them not to piss on ir.

Piss on it they do however, as literally the first thing they do is get in on a bar fight. Now, the way this scene is executed is very charming and makes like Captain Cold a little more, but the real eye opener is Jonah Hex. Jonah kinda joins in, after stopping the fight and revealing that he's known time travelers. And here comes my first big problem with the episode: Jonah Hex....

Now don't get me wrong, the casting choice is great, but as a character Hex did not impress me. Not only is his entrance the most badass thing he does the entire episode, but he also seems way too eager to team up. The real Jonah Hex would be a lot more reluctant (just ask Dr. Arkham). Either way, a ruffian gets killed, and the team finds out that he was part of a bigger, scarier gang.

Kendra gets involved in a boring plotline that goes nowhere, while Stein aims to cure a widow, Rip can't decide whether to get involved and Ray Palmer becomes the sheriff of Salvation (the town they are in). As acting sheriff, Ray leads a raid against the enemy gang that fails, despite the team having the advantage of surprise and Hex' experience. Either way, everyone knows that there's only one real way to solve the problem at hand.... A duel at noon.

To my utter surprise, instead of the experienced bounty hunter taking the lead here, it's Rip who chooses to duel. He easily wins and runs the gang out of town, but is conveniently found and attacked at that very moment by the agents of the Time Masters. Everybody then teams up and beats the snot out of them together. Is the episode over? Well no... Apparently the Time Master's have gotten tired of playing around and have finally released their ultimate assassin...

Bit's and Pieces:

I know I seem a little harsh on this episode, but the truth is that it isn't too bad. Why? Well the episode just oozes charm at every moment. Sure, we get our typical western stereotypes and some CW hammines, but in this episode that is the entire point. I just wish we didn't get the same Rip Hunter story every episode. We know that you're going to interfere dude! Everyone knows! Anyways, I give this episode a...


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