Thursday, April 28, 2016

Justice League 3001 #11 Review

Don't Call Me Guy

Written by: J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen
Art by: Scott Kolins, Hi-Fi and Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 28, 2016

With all of the hoopla surrounding this whole Rebirth thing just around the corner, Justice League 3001 has really slipped off of a lot of people's radars.  It did not make the Rebirth cut, but nobody is protesting it being canceled either.  I'm actually shocked it wasn't cancelled when the DC You came around in June so this whole 3001 run feels like a bonus to me and I always enjoy a little bonus now and again.  So, what have DeMatteis and Giffen done with the bonus time?  They just turned the book upside down and inside out by giving fans a totally female Justice League that has been pretty damn awesome! Well, bonus time is almost over as this is the penultimate issue of the series.  Is it good and does it set up the series for an awesome conclusion?  Let's find out...

The issue begins on Bodhi where G'nort and Supergirl are discussing the good and bad points of Larfleeze.  Good...he's a good guy (or dog). Bad...he likes to say smite a whole lot, uses the scavvies as his personal slaves and talks about himself in the third person.  We all know that only Rickey Henderson is allowed to talk about himself that way so I say we can all agree that Larfleeze is pure evil.  The scene ends with Ice using his evilness against him with a little reverse psychology that points Agent Orange right at the enemy, Lady Styx

We then go off to Takron-Galtos where Flash and Batgirl (Teri and Tina) are debating on whether the Convert is still inside Wonder Woman in a very non sexy way.  It's a pretty funny is he or isn't he that I was still wondering when the scene ended.  

This book is filled with Star Wars like swipes and the next one sends us to see Eclipso promise Lady Styx that he will destroy the Justice League (and his sister!) like he promised.  That's when Styx drops the bomb that while she still wants the Justice League to be taken down, she wants Teri to be kept alive.  The drama keeps on building!

Back on Paradise Island, we get to see my favorite character of the entire series (just ahead of jerk off Superman), Guy Gardner...or Shiryalla Tome depending on her "mood".  It seems that Ice promised Larfleeze Guy's ring (or Shiryalla's), but we all know that such a thing doesn't exist.  Ice again thinks on her feet and lies that Lady Styx has the ring and Larfleeze is just the Orange Lantern to go get it. 

While all this is going on, Wonder Woman, Flash and Batgirl are having a little talk with G'nort outside when Eclipso and his Legion of Doom invade Paradise Island.  Let me tell you this...they look freakin' awesome!!!  It gets even better as the League fights the Legion in a drag out, knock down brawl.  

My favorite part was definitely seeing Batgirl fighting and singing, but a close second was when Eclipso revealed who he was to his sister.  I actually liked Terry and loved the early interactions between these two so I hope there is still a sliver of good in him somewhere in the dark pit of his soul.  We'll have to wait and see because Wonder Woman sucker punches him, but it still looks like the Justice League is in a whole lot of trouble.  The issue ends with Lois Lane and Ariel Masters on the run from the scullions and if they don't figure out something quick, a whole bunch of people are going to be gone for good.   

This was certainly an action packed issue and I'm pleased to announce that Giffen and DeMatteis don't just tread water and leave the best bits for the finale.  This issue is chock full of big moments, but it shines for the reasons the entire series has...the great characters.  Guy was already great, but Guy/Shiryalla is solid gold.  The crazy drama of Teri and Terry is awesome and we still haven't seen Larfleeze in all his glory.  Throw in G'nort, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Ice and it's easy to see why this book has been so good and sad more people didn't read it.

After a rough couple of pages at the start of the issue, Scott Kolins rebounded quickly and handled the huge amount of characters thrown at him with ease.  Once the Legion of Doom shows up, this is one fine looking issue.  I also want to mention that ever since this book started back in the 3000 days, Hi-Fi's colors have been one of the big reasons it has looked so great.  That continues this issue and no doubtedly will until the bitter end.

Bits and Pieces:

Justice League 3001 continues being the best book nobody is talking about.  They should be because it is non-stop fun and hilarity all wrapped up in the crazy story of a Justice League that is barely recognizable with name drops and Easter eggs from throughout DC Comic's vast history.  If you aren't already reading, go back and start from the beginning,  If you are already a fan, you probably can't wait to see how it all ends...just like this guy!



  1. Loved the tag from Griffin and Dematteis on the last page! But it make me sad as well.