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Puppet Master #9 Review and *SPOILERS* - Just For The Hell of It Mondays

Camille For Real?

Written By: Shawn Gabborin
Art By: Antonio Ontiveros, Daniel Morales Olvera
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 25, 2015
Publisher: Action Labs: Danger Zone

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's been awhile, but since I decided to read the first issue of Gingerdead Man last week, I got inspired and figured that I better get back on the Puppet Master series as well for my Just For The Hell of It Monday reviews.  Man, I just love this series and everything that Shawn Gabborin is doing to tell new stories while throwing things in that fans of the film franchise will sit back and say "Holy shit, I remember that!  That's awesome!"  Well, that's what I do at least.  In our previous issue we started a new story, which is kind of a sequel to the events of the film Puppet Master 2, in that we're exploring the Bouldeston Institute for Mentally Troubled Tots and Teens, where a deranged wooden woman named Camille, who was brought back at the end of that movie to be the puppet's new Master, decided that our tiny band of killers and her would continue their bloodshed at that institute.......... The thing is though, we ended that movie on that awesome cliffhanger but it was never brought back up again........... and that killed me as a kid because I thought it would be an awesome location for a sequel, but here we are twenty-five years later and I've finally got my wish.  Camille apparently seems to be coming right out of the Institute's urban legends and killing again and it's up to a young boy named Anthony to get the puppets and finally put an end to Camille's killings once and for all.  Let's jump into this issue and see if the boy with the wooden leg can hobble his ass to victory against the wooden woman Camille.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins right where we left off in the last issue, with Anthony going to the Bodega Bay Inn, finding the puppets and convincing them to help him take care of Camille before she kills again, but before they could go and put that wooden bitch down, our puppets and Anthony are met by three men in black.  While this might just be strange for people reading this book all willy nilly, it's actually a really cool callback to the 7th film in the Puppet Master franchise: Retro Puppet Master, where we saw the Puppet Master Andre Toulon's first foray into giving life to inanimate objects and his first encounter with the agents of Sutekh.  Since Sutekh died at the end of Puppet Master 5, I guess they're now the agents of his son Anapa, who we saw our puppets pledge their servitude to in the completion of seven tasks in exchange for their souls in the previous story arc.  Well, Anapa is coming to collect, but instead of getting all seven tasks out of the way all at once, these men in black only require two of the tasks to be completed and apparently only need a puppet per task........ and from what we see here, the tasks just seem to be killing people because we get to see Leech Woman easily take out a credit card thief by puking some killer leeches into his Chinese food......... I've never understood how Leech Woman kills people but that's neither here nor there.  Anyway, with these tasks going on I guess we get Six-Shooter and Leech Woman out of the way, while the rest of our puppets head over to the Bouldeston Institute............ and even though this is a bit of a reach, I kind of dig these two being out of the picture because it's kind of like we're setting up the roster of puppets that we had in Puppet Master 2....... like I said, it's a bit of a reach because Leech Woman died in that movie and Decapitron wasn't created yet, but Andre Toulon was in that flick and it's his soul inhabiting Decapitron.  Yeah, this probably doesn't mean anything to anyone........... but it's cool dammit!\

Back at the Institute, Anthony talks to the administrator about him leaving the grounds, but really all of this is just a show and some white lies about how he never left the actual grounds and was only in the abandoned section of the institute because he was scared that he would be blamed for the deaths of the other boys because of his history of being picked on by them.  After this pretty reasonable story that doesn't involve trying to stop killer wooden women and collecting animated puppets from World War II, Anthony is let off with a warning and his search for Camille begins.  Anthony sends the puppets out to track down their former master and it becomes clear that this institute is really messed up.  We've got the janitor hiding out in the abandoned part of the institute, a little girl who Anthony talks to has a collection of teeth under her bed and there are just drawings all over the place of Camille and the puppets from when they were first at the hospital, sparking her urban legend among the children. 

In the end, Jester and Blade see Camille as she is about to murder another child and they just go straight on the offensive and start attacking her ass......... Well, Blade does, Jester really isn't able to do all that much when it comes to attacking and even though Blade was knocked away........... and Camille was able to murder another child, it looks like we've got ourselves another mystery because there's blood on Blade's hook.  Yeah, it's kind of weird for a wooden woman to be bleeding and as we close this issue out we see Camille go back to her hiding place and patch herself up and man does she just look like she's going to fuck shit up from here on out, even if she isn't the actual Camille from Puppet Master 2.

That's it for this issue of Puppet Master and man I love this series.  Yeah, it's hard for me to think that people who aren't into the film series can just go and pick these issues up and understand everything that's going on, but that just tells me that everyone should go out and watch the Puppet Master movies.  Yeah, that's not likely to happen, but a man can dream can't he?........... I can't even get my closest friends to watch all the flicks.  From the writing that encompasses not only old concepts mixed with new ones to keep the stories fresh, to the amazing art that portrays these stories, Action Labs Danger Zone sure has a handle on this series and surprises me each issue with what care they take to put these comics out.  It's really a magical amalgamation between the films and the comics that can make any fan happy and hopefully get a few more fans along the way with these enjoyable stories. 

Bits and Pieces:

Puppet Master #9 continues to be a great story arc that has taken a turn from a simple continuation of where the movie Puppet Master 2 left off and added a intriguing mystery along the way and it's got my full attention.  While some of the puppets................ well, pretty much Leech Woman is a little over sexualized for simply being a puppet, this series has brought a big smile to my face and has been something that I hoped I'd see since I was a child......... Yeah, I was a weird child.  I really hope that this series is picked up by anyone who considers themselves a fan of the film series because it won't let you down.


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