Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Renae De Liz Announces Legend of Wonder Woman Vol. 2

Everyone who comes to our little site should already know this, but I LOVE THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN!!!  Really, I love everything about it.  So, it really upset me a couple of months ago when Renae De Liz went on Twitter and announced that it looked like the chances of a second volume of the book were zero to none.  Well, it looks like things have changed.  It's amazing what good sales and an Eisner nomination can get you nowadays! So I was so excited when Renae went back on Twitter to give fans the great news...

I'm so excited to announce that has officially green lit LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN - Volume 2!!!

Like I said, this book is so good and was recently nominated for an Eisner, so this should come as no surprise at all. However, with the way things seem to go over at the Digital part of DC Comics, you can never tell.

It is such great news, not only because it is an outstanding book and one of my favorite Wonder Woman origin stories, but also because Renae has mentioned before that she has plenty of Etta Candy stories to tell if there were a Vol.2. Well, now she has to put up or...well, she just has to put up.

I'm sure we will get an official press release soon enough, but I couldn't wait to tell everyone!

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