Monday, May 16, 2016

Weird Side #19

Words and Art by: Paul B.

How did I know that there would be at least one panel of me drinking a hot cup of pee this week? It wasn't just drinking it, but that I warmed it up that was the worst.  Of course, if you have no idea what any of this means, head on over and check out our podcast and then come back and laugh as Paul somehow makes the garbage that comes out of our mouths funny.  I can only imagine what's going to come from our Just for the Hell of It Rap Attack episode, but I'm sure there will be a boom box and a little kid who ended up with a broken nose when all he wanted to do was fit in...and dance!  That little boy only wanted to dance!!!  -My name is Spoon James and I came to say...

Glen's Revenge

Blast From the Cast:


  1. the classic three-panel comic strip format really works for the things Jim says that makes us all sick to our stomachs

  2. I always loved 3 panel strips. I tried giving Jim a Charlie Brown arm in that last panel.