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Best DC Comics Covers of the Week 06/08/16

Hello one and all and welcome back to the place to be for the Best DC Comics Covers of the Week. I'm sure that all of you will agree that these are the only true picks and thus, will not yell at me in the comments at all.  Thank God for that!  I've been getting a lot of flack for my review scores this week and don't know if my fragile ego can take much more of it.  I thought this Rebirth thing was supposed to bring back the fun!  Oh well, the covers I've chosen are a combination of Rebirth, New 52 run-ons, crossovers and mini-series.  We all were taught not to judge a book by it's cover, but it's a good thing for one of these that I didn't judge the cover by it's book.  Can you guess which one that is?  I like guessing games, don't you?  On with my picks...


Earth 2 Society #13

Cover by: Matthew Clark and David Calderon

I have to say that I love just about everything about this cover.  I'm not just talking about Matthew Clark's art or David Calderon's colors either...this is the first cover that I looked at that new DC logo and shook my head and thought, "Yea, that works!".  It just looks right with the "13" on the other side.  That said, Matthew Clark's art is the main draw and it kicks total ass!  Hawkgirl looks awesome, but it's the heroes looking down from above that sealed the deal for me.  David Calderon does his part as well and it all ends up being the cover of week!

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Wacky Raceland #1

Cover by: Leonardo Manco

It makes sense that the I liked this cover because the only thing I like about the issue was Leonardo Manco's art.  In fact, one of my biggest problems with the book was that we didn't get to see more of the awesome car designs that we heard so much about leading to the book's release.  We don't get that on this cover, either, but we do get the colorful cast of characters and for good or bad, Manco gives us a really good idea of the tone of the book inside.  Poor, poor Mutley!  He can't even snicker in that cybernetic getup and wasn't  that the best thing in Wacky Races?  Yes it was, but this is Wacky Raceland.  Wacky Raceland.

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Lumberjanes-Gotham Academy #1

Cover by: Mingjue Helen Chen

There are sometimes when a cover is just so damn cute that it can't be left off this list.  Mingjue Helen Chen gives us just such a cover and it makes sense because it is part of a book that is so damn cute, you have to buy it.  Really, has there ever been a crossover with the synergy behind it like this one?  Chen doesn't mess around with crazy scenes, she just shows you why this works and makes you smile.  Depending on what type of fan you are, I'm sure you'll have your favorite character on the cover, but we all know that Maps rules and always will!  It's all about Maps!

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Detective Comics #934

Cover by: Eddie Barrows

Back in the day when I used to do this column every week (I'm crossing my fingers now), I used to make a joke that it should be changed to the "What Cover Did Rafael Do This Week Award".  I can't help it...I loves me some Albuquerque!  This week he gives us a cover that serves a purpose while looking kick ass.  Detective Comics going back to it's original numbering is huge, but so is the crazy, whack, funky team that makes up the book and Rafael shows us them in all their glory.  It's just a little hint at the fun inside and I loved it!

I am a big dummy and thought the cover was Rafael Albuquerque's, but it is in face Eddy Barrows.  It's still awesome and gets me pumped up for the new team and put a smile on my face!

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Non DC Comics Cover of the Week

Big Trouble in Little China #25

Cover by: Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz

You give me me anything Big Trouble in Little China and you are already a step ahead of the competition.  You give me a nickname like "Chamba" and you are now two steps ahead.  You give me a cover like this one that graces the finale of the series and it's 1+1+1 = Awesome!!!  

Alright, see you guys next week!  Spoon James...OUT!

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  1. Everyone was shitting on that logo a few weeks ago I think it looks great on the books