Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Books of the Week Podcast: Detective Comics #934 & Action Comics #957

Since not everybody wants to download and listen to a 6+ hour podcast, we decided to try something new...The DC Comics Books of the Week Mini Podcast.  Don't panic, we will still be doing our regular long ass podcast, but each week we will give you a sampler of two books.  This week Jim and Eric talk Detective Comics #934 and Action Comics #957. THIS IS JUST AN EDIT OF THE REGULAR PODCAST!   Listen to our regular weekly podcast to hear the expanded version of these two books as well as reviews of every DC Comics that came out this week as well as DC Comics News, Listener Mail and so much more. Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. Batwomans team was the Unknowns
    I miss Ragman. ^^;

    Also amidst your naming off all the various supers, you forgot to mention Supergirl. :p
    But yeesh, Superman was a huge jerk in this.

    1. i always messed up the team name even when it was going on. I did like it though. We may mention Supergirl in the unedited version in regular podcast...can't remember.

      Yes, Superman is an ass!