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Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #1 Review

Rocket Girl

Written by: Landry Walker
Art by: Eric Jones, Thomas Mason and Pat Brosseau
Cover Price: Free HERE
Release Date: December 3, 2008

Hello and welcome to a series of reviews I'd like to call, "Books that Jim thinks look like fun and since he has some free time in his review schedule, will be reviewing them".  Boy, that's a long name for a site feature that I just made up and will likely ditch after a couple of reviews. Who cares, Jim just wants to have fun (and talk about himself in the third person like Ricky Henderson) and this book seems like a great place to start the party.   I love Supergirl and "Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade" sounds like a great time.  I wish I had Cosmic Adventures when I was in Eighth Grade. Nope, young Jim just had the usual non-adventures of homework, being awkward and not fitting in.  Those were not the days, but now I (or should I stay in third person mode and say "Jim"?) can live vicariously through Kara and things should be so much better, right?  Let's find out...

By the way, another reason I chose this book to review is that it's available for FREE (Here) so everyone go there and play along!  This is a game show, right?  No?!?!  Then why did I answer the phone yelling, "Weird Science DC Comics plays all the hits"?

The issue starts off in Metropolis where Lex Luthor having his way with Superman thanks to his awesome Battle Suit.  I love the Battle Suit, so imagine my (and I guess Lex's as well) dismay when a Super Pod crashes through it and out pops...Supergirl!  I guess I can't be that upset, since my love of the Battle Suit is nothing compared to my love of Supergirl.

Of course, she's an instant hit and everyone wants to know everything about her.  Talk about information overload!  Kara can't take it and it's up, up and away.  It probably would have worked out a bit better...if she actually knew how to fly.  Luckily her cousin was there to save her from going SPLAT!

We then get the craziest version of how and why Supergirl came to Earth.  I'll give it to Landry Walker, he has nails the whole kids lying bit!  Here's a hint kids, don't make yourself look too good to be true.  We finally get the real story and it's still a bit different than the norm, but it fits the book...Kara stowed away in a "message rocket" that her father was sending to Superman.  It was one of those "I'll show them" moves that always seem to backfire.  Instead of showing them, she became Krypton's answer to the Balloon Boy...except it's a rocket, she's a girl and she was actually in the rocket.  I guess she is nothing like Balloon Boy, after all.  Thank goodness because I am not a fan.  Have you seen him lately?  Him and his brothers have some crazy heavy metal band and...I have no idea why I am still talking about him!

Back to the comic, since there is no way for Kara to get home, Superman invites her to stay and until she learns to control her powers, he's set her up with a disguise.  You guessed it...glasses!  Using the name "Linda Lee" (Superman loves the double L's) she goes off to the Eighth Grade that the title alluded to and all is well, right?  Hardly!

Kara, I mean "Linda" can't seem to fit in and eventually she ditches school and tries to get back home all on her own.  Epic Fail!  The issue ends with Superman giving her a gift that kind of makes the whole thing less like the end of the world and more like...well, like summer camp.

This was a nice, quick read that is definitely intended for readers a bit younger than myself.  I still had fun with it, but if you have anyone in your house that wants to get into comics (especially Supergirl ones) or is having trouble fitting in, this is a great choice of a read.  Plus, it's free.

Eric Jones' art is probably a bigger draw than the story.  It's cartoony greatness and will just make you smile just looking at it.  It makes you wish this was a cartoon that you could watch each week.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a quick, fun and free (did I mention that yet?) read that I'm sure will appeal to anyone of any age, but will really hit with the 13 and under set.  It's a great stepping stone into comics with no prior knowledge needed to enjoy it.  As a bonus, there is no Balloon Boy anywhere to be found in the story whatsoever.


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