Monday, June 20, 2016

My Favorite Things w/o 6/20/2016 - Just For The Hell Of It Monday

Welcome back to my weekly list of things I love that you should love too for the week of June 20, 2016. 

1. Slovenly Records: If you are a fan of loud, aggressive punk/garage music then you need to get acquainted with Slovenly Records. They are the best label for this off-shoot of stained T-shirt/sexual deviant rock music. Their roster is jam-packed with fringe legends and up and coming shitbirds from all over the globe who are as offensive smelling as they are huggable. They are the Shingles of the music industry, and if you aren't up on them you are an asshole. 

2. Beat Shot Radio Podcast: I fucking love Beat Shot radio, I rarely get to listen to it live because by the time I get the kid in bed, the dogs walked, and dinner in my fat belly, it is almost over and I still have shit like the Flash recaps to write. I do however savor the podcasts. Beat Shot eschews the tradition format of just playing music and/or talking gossip. These fuckers have some real meat to stick to them bones of yours. The guests are often community activists, tackling topics not often discussed in any sort of depth in the mainstream media let alone the standard hip hop show. The conversations are insightful, rich and offer up real perspective on the events of the day.  Add to that they play some great fucking music and you have a winning formula. So subscribe already you assholes. 

Get your Beat Shot related needs filled here.

3. BadBadNotGood (feat. Sam Herring): BadBadNotGood are fucking incredible on their own. They make super sensh jazz fusion music that tickles your cornshoot with its soulful Canadianess. Sam Herring is awesome on his own as well, whether fronting the super terrific Future Islands, or as the underground hip hop ubermench Hemlock Ernst, homeboy delivers the kind of goods that make you wish you had the frame to rock old Rod Stewart concert shirts and wear Tevas while smoking Parliaments and shit. When these two forces combine the entire population of North America will be pregnant. Its so sensual and naked. I've worn nothing but a gold chain and coconut scented tanning oil since hearing this song. 

4. Subscribing to magazines: I know, print is dead and all that bullshit because #internet. Most of us have replaced reading on the crapper with checking out twitter feed and pretending that you are outraged that Bernie lost or some shit while pushing out a winner. Here is the thing though. Magazines have an end, the internet doesn't also, it is super exciting to open your mailbox and get that magazine you forgot you subscribed to because your subscription ended like 2 years ago. The dirty secret of the publishing industry is that they are desperate for readers because they make their money off of advertising, not subscriptions. If they don't have numbers they don't get ad dollars.  So these fuckers will keep you on the books for years. Sure you will get a bunch of special offers to renew as your subscription is coming to an end, but those offers will stop, but your magazine will not. This is the one case of the system being rigged that works out for us. 

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