Monday, June 20, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 76: Reviews of every DC Comic…The Touch Too Much

Jim, Eric and Reggie review every single DC Comic Book released for the week of 6-18-16 and while it takes a bit, they hope it's worth it! There is also news, listener mail and stories, stories and more stories. Enjoy!

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DC Comics Comic Books Reviewed: Batman #1, Titans Rebirth #1, Superman #1, Green Lanterns #1, Green Arrow #1, Justice League #51, Dark Knight Returns #1, New Suicide Squad #21, Swamp Thing #6, Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #6 and Scooby Apocalypse #2

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  1. I'm way late to this but I have to rant about Batman. I'm probably one of the biggest new Tom King fan's and I have been looking forward to his Batman run ever since it was announced. I was completely bummed after the Rebirth issue because it seemed more like a Snyder book than a King book. So I again was expecting even more from this issue. I will say the pace and the play between Duke and Bruce was great but the entire second half of this book just felt so damn off. This is issue number one! Why are you even playing with the idea that Batman will possibly die? No one thinks that's going to happen. Not only that, but the stuff with the parents being proud and him worrying about that was just covered in Batman 52. It all just feels like complete retread from a book maybe a month old that was a one-off that most people didn't really like? What the hell was this issue? Then you have the reveal of the Gotham characters at the end and act like it's a big reveal even though we've seen them already and they were on the cover?

    I just didn't get what this issue was. I hadn't been excited about a book this much in quite a while and it left me feeling nothing but angry. I'm not to this point in the podcast yet, but I hope at least one of you guys is this mad at this issue.

    1. I really think that this continued a little New 52 catch-up for new readers. A big thing going forward for this Batman is he did die and came back changed...a bit more willing to let others help, thinking more about what his parents would think of him, etc. I do think all of this is going to be important in King's run and he wants people jumping on in Rebirth to understand that as well as long time readers. Now that we have the Gotham and Gotham Girl's game on. I think the surprise wasn't it was them, but how powered they are...and that they seem "good".

    2. All of that is great, and actually makes me excited to learn more about this Batman. I just wish it could have been done a little better. It just felt like Batman gave up a little too easily and instantly started asking about his parents. "Well I tried that....goodbye cruel world." It just didn't feel like something Batman would do. Maybe this Batman cares more about that stuff and is thinking about it a lot more, but is he going to be like this every time the situation looks dyer? It makes me think of the Spider-Man joke every time he shows up in Howard the Duck. Any time a family member or responsibility comes up he's crying about uncle Ben. Is Batman Emo now?

  2. Jim, you have had a rough life. Just take solace in the fact that you survived your childhood, And that your not a shit parent like your parents. And best way to know that, is how you have the Saintly patients to tolerate kids shitting on the floor or kids pissing in your drink. Your a better man than me. I would have had give my kids the same threat that you gave that store manager.
    From now on I'll refer to you as "Saint Jim"