Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel Chapter #3 Review

Under My Umbrella

Written by: Ian Edginton
Art by: Matthew Dow Smith, Wendy Broome, Carrie Strachan and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 6, 2016

While I still question why this book ever came about, I have been enjoying it well enough.  I am actually in the target audience so I guess i can be a little selfish for once and just enjoy a niche comic that seems to made just for me.  Nobody else, mind you...JUST FOR ME!  I really don't have much more to say in this introduction, so let's get on with the review...

The Chapter opens with Catwoman in a jail cell with the Cybernauts and if that sounds like fun, kind of is.  While Batman tries to cut her out with the laser he has in his utility belt.  It's talking a bit too long (damn those fine Gotham steel workers) and we see the Cybernauts activated by their evil and redheaded leader.

It takes a cool combo of Batman's laser and Mr. Steed's umbrella to save the day and this is the part of the Chapter where Edginton shows off his grasp of all the characters.  Batman hopes that saving Catwoman's life will get her to go on the straight and narrow while Peel ribs Steed about the loss of his trusty umbrella.  Both are pretty hilarious.

The Chapter continues  with the Cybernauts showing everybody that they are an upgraded version and Robin showing that he really has no idea what's going on.  I wish I can say the Boy Wonder is playing dumb, but if he is, give that young fellow an Oscar.  Luckily, Batman has a few tricks up his...belt and takes out one Cybernaut.

Steed and Peel are boxing the other two and Edginton does a great job giving the reader a classic Robin 1+B=Fish kind of problem solving that leads to an even more fun Rock 'em Sock 'em (or Bif! Bam!) Robots fight.

It gets our heroes out of trouble, but the Chapter ends with a pretty great Batman '66 villain joining Team Cybernauts and while the grand plan is still a bit foggy, I am having fun with the characters in this series.

The was a great character issue that is unfortunately brought down a bit because the characters just don't have much to do.  However, the character work is just so damn strong.  The best part is that Ian Edginton has both sets of characters down pat.

I have really enjoyed Matthew Dow Smith's art on this series so far, but this is a down issue.  It's the lack of detail that brings it down.  I'm sure he will rebound next issue, but this week I was left disappointed.

Bits and Pieces:

If this issue was here just to show us all that Ian Edginton knows his characters then mission accomplished!  I wish that was the case, but the story is pretty thin (Riggs?) and left me wanting a lot more meat to go with the cheese.  I am chalking this up as just a down issue in a promising start to this crossover.


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