Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Preacher Season 1 Episode 6 “Sundowner" Review and **SPOILERS**

Written By: Nick Towne
Directed By: Guillermo Navarro
First Aired: July 3, 2016

Let's Catch Up:

Last week was OK, it wasn’t great, and it sort of pushed the story along, and moved some pieces into place. The olde tyme cowboy guy ran into some difficulties when getting his families medicine and didn’t get back in time to save them. Jesse again pushed Tulip away, this time to the back seat of her car with Cassidy for some Inspiration Point style loving (though she looked like just remembered that she set her college loans to auto pay and didn’t have the funds to cover the monthly payment). Quincannon shot and killed the entirety of the Green Acre’s management team in front of the mayor and Jesse finally came face to face with Fiore and DeBlanc, the angels who are trying to capture the thing inside him.

Explain It:

Tonight picks up with Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc sitting in a diner and gumming about Genesis, the angel/demon hybrid that is living inside of Jesse.  Fiore and DeBlanc want it back in it’s coffee can so they can break the fuck out back to heaven and act like shit is all good. They are the Wyatt and Gary of heaven. Just trying to make sure everything looks right when mom and dad get home.  During this bit of exposition a woman, who looks a bit like “red state Edie Falco (RSEF)” pops in the diner, grabs some grub, and jets. Fiore and DeBlanc put the conversation on pause and then proceed to hand out a beat down on RSEF. Jesse being the type of asshole who fancies himself a hero, he goes out and tries to save RSEF. Turns out old girl is a Terminator level seraphim who is sent there to take out what’s inside her. One of the angel assholes bust a cap in her melon, followed by a flash of light in the diner and RSEF reemerging to break her foot off in someone’s ass.

Jesse Fiore and DeBlanc, hightail their asses back to the Sundowner aka Fiore and DeBlanc’s hotel, where they fill Jesse in on just what RSEF’s deal is. Moments later all hell breaks loose in what is the most entertaining 5 minutes of TV I have seen all fucking year. Angel bodies are piling up as Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc try to subdue RSEF. They finally manage to do this and who walks in and licks a shot off killing RSEF but Cassidy, which of course sets off more carnage. When all is said and done, they manage to deal with RSEF. Jesse let’s those assholes Fiore and DeBlanc know he has no plans on giving up Genesis and tells them to fuck off using “the voice”

Over at Emily’s place Tulip continues behaving like the world’s biggest asshole and rolls up on the crib, tells Emily to back the fuck up off Jesse and throws some kids art project across the living room breaking shit, then jets. Emily follows her to the car, calls her on her bullshit, and then the two have some International Coffee and talk girl stuff. Turns out at one point Tulip had a baby.

Tulip offers to help Emily with her church duties, and runs into Cassidy at the church, light bulbs go off in both of their heads when they realize that they both revolve around Jesse. Cassidy is crushed, Tulip seems nervous, the scene really works. You even catch the first flickers that Jesse still has feelings for Tulip. Tulip turned into a real life 3-dimensional character tonight as opposed to the annoying southern accent she has been to this point.

Eugene aka Arseface seems to be having a better go of it at school. People are being nice to him and shit, but it makes him feel weird so he goes back to Jesse and asks him to undo whatever the fuck it was that he did to make his life better. Jesse being an asshole lashes out at Eugene using the voice and tells him to go to hell, at which point Eugene disappears. I assume he went to hell, or maybe Oklahoma City, really not much difference if you ask me, though I think I would rather spend eternity in hell as opposed to that shit hole of OKC.

The mayor, who has been avoiding the calls from Green Acres and deciding which pair of khakis to rock all episode also turns to Jesse for advice, but Jesse being the asshole he is, ignores him and rushes him out the door. Mayor decides to burn the bodies and make it look like a car crash. Hope he pulled them slugs out of the bodies.

Jesse sets up an outdoor PA and it looks like he is fixing to us the voice on the entire town but we will have to wait until next week to find out.

Overall the episode was pretty solid, good character building with one amazing action scene. 


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