Friday, July 8, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Favorite DC Teams

Welcome back to another Justice-filled Top 5 Fridays! Well, it finally happened! Justice League Rebirth has hit the shelves! Personally, I thought the issue was a bit rough, but it did get me a little bit excited to see the new three in action when the main series starts, especially now with the new Superman trying to get settled in as the replacement. The League might be ready to trust him, but the world needs one more than ever, especially with the giant squid/crab monsters coming that are totally rip offs of Mass Effect in nearly every way. Issue aside, the Rebirth actually made me think back on all of the teams DC has created over the years. Books, movies, TV shows: Across all media, the teams fight for good, and we'll be covering a few of my favorites today. As always, this list is opinion based, so if you don't like a team on this list or don't see the one you like, I apologize. Enough talk! Let's form up and begin!

5: Justice League Dark

Well, it's been quite a while since we all heard this name hasn't it. I won't lie when saying that when I first heard of the team's existence during the Trinity War event and thought that they were just a team so people can get Zatanna's boobs in a book. Then I began reading... and I was pleasantly surprised. While the adventures were some dark and mystifying stuff, the real draw for me were the characters. The cast was full of characters that I never thought I would ever like or remember enjoying before. Deadman had some quips, yet you felt bad for him. Frankenstein is the most badass fighter in the Dark Universe. Zatanna still made me want magic with every spell she cast. And Constantine... Nah, still hate him. When I picture creepy, I would never have thought a Justice League title would have been one of the books I turned to in the first place. 

4: New 52 Justice League

Let's travel through time to the year of 2011, where people were more excited over the New 52 and what it would bring. The Justice League had been around for years, and the bigwigs over at DC believed it was time to recreate the story of how the Justice League was formed. Yes, the famous story of the B-List heroes finding one another as they chased down Starro the Conqueror before running into Superman and Batman is a good, silly story, it has been nearly 50 years since then... and Starro isn't awesome. We needed a story so epic that it brought in old fans and new alike, with a team that was still rookies and would make mistakes, but could grow during their time. In that time, we saw Aquaman accept his role as king, Hal accepting responsibilities, romance form between Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman becoming a god and learning from it.... However the one that changed the most in my opinion? Cyborg. This guy went from comedy relieving Titan to a kick ass Justice League member, ready to lead a team, and has earned a place among the greats... Speaking of Titans, though.

3: Teen Titans (2003)

While I may not have read comics my entire life, I have been a fan of cartoons since I was in diapers. In third grade, I learned that one of my favorite characters at the time, Robin, was going to be leading a team of teen superheroes on TV. Half of me was excited, while the other half confused me on why Robin on the show looked different than the one on Batman the Animated Series... Yeah, I wasn't a bright child. Anyway, when the first episode came out, I fell in love with the team. Robin was cool and all, but the other characters won me over with both comedy and badassery. Cyborg and Beast Boy had me holding my sides, while Starfire and Raven made me want to learn more about their past...or want them to get with one of the guys when I was crawling toward my teen years. This team defines the word fun, both in comedy and in action.

2: Wonders of Earth 2

I really should be thanking this team. This is the team that got me back into comics... Which is sad, because I never even heard of the Justice Society before this series. I was ready to hate this series with a fiery passion the moment I saw the trinity killed in issue one... and while hate did come much later, it came because of what the writers did to tear everything Tom Taylor and James Robinson's work down. We had a team that was just as fresh as those on Earth-0, but they had much bigger shoes to fill. Heck, some of the cooler characters of this "team" aren't even in the picture next to this. Yes, Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, and The Flash are some of the most badass characters in the New 52, but we can't forget Al Pratt, Sato, and let's not forget the craziest leader the World Army has ever had trying to blow up a god: Commander Amir Kahn. The Earth was full of heroes, and with Dan Abnett writing Society, it will be full once more in no time.

1: Justice League 2001 Cartoon

Ladies and Gentlemen... I give to you the very definition of a DC Team. The first DC team I ever encountered growing up. A team that stood for Truth, Justice, and good for all of mankind. This version of the Justice League definitely was built up to thanks to the success that is the other Bruce Timm created shows, Batman and Superman the Animated Series, but the moment I saw all these heroes appear on screen at the same time, my 7-year-old mind completely exploded. The coolness of Batman and epicness of Superman would have been enough, but then Flash entered the picture, Green lantern flew in, and soon the team was assembled, where I finally met one of my all time favorite heroes of DC: Martian Manhunter. This team went on adventures that were memorable, full of action, and sometimes really hit me in the feels as the series continued into Justice League unlimited. Teams might come and go, but there will always be that one team that you will always compare to...this one is mine.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! What teams in DC have you loved? Leave a comment, and I'll see you next time!


  1. 1. JLI generation lost
    2. Runaways
    3. Teen titans
    4. Agents Of Atlas
    5. Freedom Fighters

  2. The only team I'm not a fan of on your list Jody, is the Wonders of Earth 2. I would sub them out for the better version, which is
    JSA All-Stars. It's my favorite version of the JSA because it had the old school heroes mixed with the next generation JSA.

  3. I think the Wonders of Earth-2 had a ton of potential that was largely unrealized. God, I hope they go away soon!

    JLD was one of my favorite books in the beginning, along with Frankenstein and Agents of S.H.A.D.E....then Blight happened...

    1. *uppercuts you for the Earth 2 comment*WORLD'S END HAPPENED! BLAME WILSON!

  4. I'm surprised nobody mentioned ones that I thought would have been obvious: The GL Corps, Batman Eternal, Even the Doom Patrol.

    1. I think "the Doom Patrol" is an assumed answer by me to any comic book-related question.

  5. Batman Eternal will always be my favorite team but for different reasons than truly being my favorite team ... god damnit I miss you Eternal come back to me.

  6. My favorite DC Teams:

    1. 1991 Washington Redskins - Mark Rypien played out of his mind that year! SUper Bowl Champs and one of the most balanced teams in NFL history
    2. 1996 DC United - Who will ever forget the MLS Cup victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy? The answer is nobody!
    3. 1982 Washington Redskins - Mark Moseley won MVP of the strike shortened season and Joe Gibbs and the Redskins won there first Superbowl
    4. 1984 Georgetown Hoyas - Patrick Ewing and Michael Graham were the bad boys of the 80's and John Thompson coached them to the Hoyas only National Championship
    5. 1982 Baltimore Orioles - though not technically a DC Team, DC loves their Orioles and this is the favorite. Cal Ripken Jr., Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Earl Weaver and a World Series championship over the