Saturday, August 27, 2016

5 Questions With...Bloodlines Artist, V Ken Marion

If you are one of the 7 people who listen to our podcast, you know that Reggie, Eric and myself simply love Bloodlines.  I mean, kiss it in the tree and marry it kind of love and one of the big reasons for that is the art of V Ken Marion.  His art has such an energetic pop to it and is a perfect fit for the story going on in Bloodlines.  Of course, he is not a one trick pony and as you will find out soon, he is going to be on a Rebirth book that will certainly launch him into the stratosphere where most people forget all about Weird Science and the Get Fresh Crew.  Don't forget about us, V Ken and if Mr. DC is reading this, get Mr. Marion on the Flash book ASAP!  He would totally kick ass!

1. Should I call you V, V Ken or Shirley...and what does the V stand for?

-V or Ken, I go by both.  V, just the letter, is actually my first name and Ken is the middle. My grandpa's name was Vincent, and his nickname was V, so I'm named after him in a round-about way.

V is the most awesome name EVER!

2. What are you working on now or is coming out soon?  

-Right now I'm doing some work for Green Lanterns, so that is the next place you will see me. I'm really psyched about it.

I know Hal isn't technically in the Green Lanterns book, but this is kick-ass!

3. Your art in Bloodlines feels inspired by slasher/horror movies.  Are you a fan of those movies and if so, what are your top 3 of all-time

-I am a fan of horror movies, but not slashers.  I liked the stuff that felt more adventure, monster, or action-based. My top three would be American Werewolf in London, The Lost Boys, and Fright Night. Haha I love the 80s.

I still believe!

4. What did you have for lunch today?

-Nacho salad leftover from last night's dinner and some granola—clean living!

Clean Living?  Awesome Living!

5. When are you going to ditch this art thing and start doing what you were meant to...either playing John Constantine or Edward Cullen?

-Haha neither, I'm still holding out to play Wally West 


6. What is the weirdest commission you've ever been asked to do?

-Never really got a weird one, sometimes I get requests for anime characters that I have never heard of, but that's just more of me being unfamiliar with the subject matter than it being weird.

7. Premiere League or La Liga?

-Dude, Premiere League! Newcastle United all the way!

I'm an Everton supporter myself, but we can all get along!

8. Besides art, what is your biggest passion?

-My girlfriend Laura, she gives me the major feels, I love her so much.  As for hobbies/activities I'm really into rock music, running and fitness, and of course comic books!

9. How many chicken wings can you eat in one sitting and can you beat Justin Gray, the DC Comics Wing Eating Champ?

-Haha not many as I'm not really a wings guy.  Now if you swap out wings for tacos, I can clock in around 12-14.

Awesome living Strikes Again!

I want to thank V for taking the time for our little nonsense and beg all of you who haven't done so already to give Bloodlines a try.  It's just good, old fashioned 90's style horror that we here at  Weird Science think is great.  That and go eat as many tacos as you can in one sitting...Eric claims he can eat at least 20.  I smell a challenge...and taco meat!