Monday, August 22, 2016

Spider-Woman #10 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

Cross Another Off The List

Written By: Dennis Hopeless
Art By: Javier Rodriguez, Veronica Fish, Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 17, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The previous issue of Spider-Woman was a lot of fun and even dealt with some very mature content but it ended with a conversation that led to Jess agreeing to work with Carol in order to vet the smaller visions that Ulysses has been having. I was honestly really impressed with the first half of that issue but now we are getting a little more directly involved in the Civil War II crossover and I’m not too thrilled to see what’s next. That said, I’ve been incredibly impressed by Dennis Hopeless in the past and I’m hoping that this issue will bring the same kind of artful storytelling that we’ve had before. Is the issue what I feared or what I hoped? Let’s find out.

The issue begins in the bar owned by Black Bolt named The Quiet Room. The bar has a strict “no violence” policy and that goes for everyone. However, Jess and Ben only want to talk with a villain named Melter. They confront him about being involved with a sinkhole in Germany that occurred due to a villain attempting to get into a diamond exchange vault. Melter all but admits to the crime but due to where they are he feels safe. Unfortunately for him, Black Bolt doesn’t like too much noise and throws Melter out where he is taken down by another of Jess’ allies. The issue then goes from one situation to the next in order to confirm Ulysses’ predictions including a super fungus on the moon, a slime monster eating local pets, and a crazy surgeon who puts pig faces on his victims.

Jess and Ben then take a trip to Tucson, Arizona to investigate the latest prediction. So far, Ulysses’ predictions have all been true but Jess isn’t completely convinced yet. They investigate a new Inhuman with some reality manipulating powers. While there, they find the old lady who invites them in for tea. They discuss her new powers and she states that she is fine and isn’t much of a threat to anyone and that seems to be the case. Jess makes a note and seems very thrilled that Ulysses has gotten a prediction wrong. Unfortunately for her, as they are leaving the old lady loses it and her powers start going crazy. Jess and Ben are able to defuse the situation before calling the Inhumans so that they can help the old lady get a better handle on her powers.

Ben and Jess go to a local bar where they discuss Ulysses and how his prediction did end up coming true. So far, he hasn’t gotten a single prediction wrong. Jess is still uncomfortable with Carol’s use of the boy but she calls Carol up to admit that she may have been wrong about Ulysses’ powers. Immediately after Carol picks up the phone Jess starts talking about Ulysses and what she’s found so far but she voices her concern. In the background, the story about Bruce Banner is being reported on but Jess is too busy on the phone to notice. Carol tries to get off the phone because she is in the middle of the terrible events that happened in Civil War II #3 but Jess keeps talking until she finally sees the news report and throws the phone through the television. This is where the issue leaves us.

This issue was more of a set up for what is going to come after it. Most of the issue is a bunch of episodic pages in which Jess and Ben visit different areas to investigate different predictions about Ulysses. Honestly, it bored me and bit and even the big “fight” that they had with the old lady was short lived and the art didn’t exactly excite me. I like Spider-Woman but I think that it is a book that has suffered from being a part of two crossovers so far. I thought we had enough set up in the previous issue but apparently that was not the case. The issue needs to get to a story with some weight otherwise this will be one of the least important tie-ins with this massive crossover.

Bits and Pieces

The previous set up issue is followed by another set up issue. There’s little that makes this issue important with exception to the finally couple of pages. I actually liked the art a lot more than I did in the previous issue but my enthusiasm for this series is fading fast.


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