Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DC Comics Releases November 2016 Solicitations

I love it when DC Comics releases the monthly solicits and the November ones just dropped!  There are a couple of things that caught my eye right away...the beginnings of Super Sons (?) in Superman #10, Doctor Fate ending it's run at issue #18 and Earth 2 apparently continuing on.  I'm also very interested in the Young Animals book,  Mother Panic #1, and the New Talent Showcase #1 book. Check out DC's Previews Catalogue after the break...

DC's monthly solicitations are live! See what DC has in store for November 2016 with the September Previews Catalogue! To make it easier than ever to browse upcoming titles, DC's Publicity team now has a reader for solicitations.

Get the scoop on brand new storylines beginning in SUPERMAN, THE FLASH, JUSTICE LEAGUE and more! Check out all-ages adventure by Art and Franco in SUPER POWERS! See what’s next for DC’s Young Animal with November’s MOTHER PANIC #1 and the other great titles in the Gerard Way-curated pop-up imprint. And DC is bringing back NEW TALENT SHOWCASE with an 80-page one-shot featuring writers and artists graduating from DC’s Talent Development workshop. Also included are the rest of the November on-sale comics, plus trade paperbacks and hardcovers, new items from DC Collectibles and more.


  1. Do you guys plan on any coverage of the Young Animal books? They actually have me really excited. They all look very interesting.

    1. Yes we will...Reggie is handling most...I am doing mother panic

    2. We are coming up with a way to talk about them on the podcast as well

  2. It looks like Superman and Batman are going to make out on the Superman 10-11 solicit...