Monday, August 29, 2016

Nighthawk #4 Review - Marvel Mondays

You are About to Witness...

Written by: David F. Walker
Art by: Ramon Villalobos, Tamra Bonvillain and Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 24, 2016

Nighthawk is one of my favorite books that I'm reading right now and one of the reasons I have fallen in love with our Marvel Monday experiment.  Every month I get to read David F. Walker's take on violent street justice and he hasn't disappointed me yet.  The fun continues this month as we head back to Chicago and see what awful things Nighthawk will have to make right.  Does Walker continue showing this reviewer what's up?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with some aftermath of Nighthawk's brand of justice from last issue.  While Sherman watches, Hanrahan heads back to the True Patriots and wants to do business after all.  It's all about chaos equals opportunity, but the big thing that comes out of it is that Dixon is on to Sherman.  That there is bad, bad news!

We then get to see the fruits of all of this discourse and it really is turning Chicago into a war zone.  While the police make excuses, the True Patriots are being the pieces of shit they are and people are looting and rioting.  In other words, Hanrahan is getting his chaos in a huge way.  While all this is going on, Nighthawk watches from a rooftop and after briefly wondering id it would be best to let it all burn, jumps into action.

As some redneck TPs are about to kill some "boys", Nighthawk jumps in and pretty much sends every one of these assholes to hell in a flaming hand basket.  I'll give Walker some huge props because I wanted to actually be Nighthawk here and I wouldn't have been so "nice".

I give him even more props because Nighthawk doesn't just ignore the situation going on around him.  The guys he saved were breaking the law and Nighthawk tells them to straighten up and stop giving these racist dicks an excuse for...well, for being racist dicks.

The troubles continue when a cop just straight up shoots Nighthawk in the back and has to pay for it. The fight goes on a bit and ends with Nighthawk choking him out and then blowing chunks.  It's a brutally realistic moment in a book that is realistically brutal and I loved it.

While all this is going on, the Revelator has Nighthawk dead to rights.  The Revelator?  Why is he there?  We don't know just yet, but Nighthawk gives chase on his over-the-top jet cycle.  The book ends with...Holy Crap!!!  I won't spoil the ending, but believe me, it's crazy and so unexpected.  I can't wait for next issue!

I love this book, but this issue did not have a ton going for it until the end.  It was pretty slow to begin with, but by the time the cliffhanger hit, I was on the edge of my seat.  Also, I'm never a huge fan of social justice warrioring in my books, but this just feels real and important.

I read that Ramon Villalobos is being replaced on this book which is a shame because I think his art fits the story so well.  That being said, this issue wasn't the best looking of the series so far.  It was good, just not great.

Bits and Pieces:

Even though this was a down issue of Nighthawk, I still am on the trolley going forward.  Part of it is because of the awesome cliffhanger, but also because David F. Walker is giving fans a book based on the brutal reality that is our world.  This issue wasn't the best, but it still was important.


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