Monday, August 29, 2016

Web Warriors #10 Review - Marvel Mondays

But Where’s Jamie Foxx Electro?

Written by:Mike Costa
Art by: David Baldeon, Jay Fosgitt, John Dell, Matt Yackey, Andrew Crossley and Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 17, 2016
Review by: Josh Vermillion

The entire concept of the Web Warriors just seems confusing to me. So many different Earths, so many different Spider-Men and Women. I don’t see it being very easy to keep up with all the different characters. But hey, why not give it a shot and jump right into the fourth part of this story.

We start out on an Earth we’ve never heard of, 1036. The Green Goblin is about to finally kill the Spiderman of this Earth when a Spider-Woman steps in to stop him. The Web Warriors show up to help out and recruit, but it turns out that these two are just actors making a movie about Spider-Man, and on this Earth Spider-Man isn’t real. The team invites them to come along anyway, and Spider-Woman accepts, leaving the movie crew and actors dumbfounded. Membership to the Web Warriors is almost like membership to the Get Fresh Crew, if you talk to them then you’re in, simple as that.

Next we go to a very cartoon-y looking Earth 803, where Mayday Parker and William Braddock are stranded fighting an army of Electros. The Web Warriors are trying to get to them, but Karn is having issues finding the right universe. I won’t list all of the universes we see throughout the issue, but just know that shit has gone wrong in pretty much every one of them. The team can’t seem to get together and it seems that their constant jumping through universes is part of the problem.

They do eventually find Spider-Gwen on a universe full of cartoon animals, but aren’t having much luck otherwise. The team finally makes it to Earth-803 and steps in to help Mayday and Braddock. The Spiders from Earth-138 make it to 803 using the power of music, but they bring a giant, indestructible robot with them. One of the Electros takes over the robot, setting up an all-out battle for the next issue.

This book was definitely confusing, but boy it was fun. I actually found myself chuckling out loud at some of the silly universes they end up on. Writer Mike Costa has taken this huge, confusing concept and boiled it down into something really fun and easy to jump into.

The thing that impressed me most was the versatility of the art team. Pencilers David Baldeon and Jay Fosgitt switched up the style with every different universe, and they all looked like they belonged. I’m amazed that they can use that many different art styles in one book and make it work. Kudos to them.

Bits and Pieces:

If you’re intimidated by the scope of a book like Web Warriors, I don’t blame you. But if you give it a try and jump in, I think you’ll really have a good time. Not only is this book is fun, but you get to see so many different iterations of classic characters.


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