Monday, August 29, 2016

Venom: Space Knight #11 Review - Marvel Mondays

The Host with the Most

Written by: Robbie Thompson
Art by: Gerardo Sandoval & Dono Sanchez Almara
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 24, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

There's a bunch of things I would do a little differently if I was running Marvel comics right now and making decisions. One thing I definitely would leave alone though is the current Venom: Space Knight comic and the team on it. Robbie Thompson has managed to charm his way into my wallet by creating an intriguing book month in and month out that I never expected to fall in love with. I’m very cheap, so getting me to drop $3.99 a month without hesitation is quite the feat! Kudos, Mr. Thompson. Anyway, Venom is back on his way to Earth to solve some symbiote problems he’s run into lately. So, let’s see what awaits him on the ol’ blue and green marble after floating in space the last year or so.

Our book starts in New York City. Flash is kicking it in high in the sky with his Venom gear on, mulling over a few things he has to accomplish while here. Meanwhile we see his space pals, out on planet Wenb, (yes that’s spelled correctly) looking for the elixir the team needs to calm the Venom symbiote once and for all. 

With our story premise established, Flash starts the day with a visit to Mama Dukes before moving on to locate Andrea Benton, his old partner. Andrea has been taking on the Red Hand Gang, in her own symbiote, but is going about it in an increasingly out of control manner. Flash/Venom wants to help her get things back under control before she goes full on Dark Side. He must know how that ended for Anakin Skywalker.

As Venom travels around town trying to track down Angela, we see evidence of the brutal scenes she left behind. Despite the fact Venom appears to come in peace, each place he travels the reader is given hints he is being watched by someone with some impressive symbiote tracking technology conveniently placed throughout town. Hmmmm, who could that be?  We also get one more quick glimpse of Team Venom on planet Wenb seemingly finding the temple the elixir is held in, but also finding company waiting for them.

Back in NYC, the trackers in the story lead to our eventual confrontation of this issue as none other than the original person to wear our favorite symbiote, Spider-Man, shows up for a “chat” with Venom. Spidey springs a sonic trap on Venom and makes his intentions known to the symbiote that he wants to “speak with only Flash”. Obviously this annoys the piss out of Venom who reacts by angrily busting out of the pop up Spidey prison and it's game on. 

As the two tango, Spider-man’s banter leads to him getting himself into a little bit of trouble. While noting he would rather just “talk it out like old friends over brunch”, it comes out that Venom doesn’t remember ever being “with” Spidey at all. This leads to our cliffhanger as Venom attempts to reattach with Spidey for a back in black reunion next issue.

The art by Gerardo Sandoval and Dono Sanchez Almara stays on point throughout the book with some beautifully designed pages of Spidey and Venom going blow for blow. There are plenty of things I was gawking in amazement at because it was just that good. The cliffhanger especially took my breath away. (Jim's Note: This book looks freaking awesome!!!)

Venom: Space Knight continues to surprise me and this may have been my favorite issue in the series yet. I’ll admit I may be slightly biased in this scenario because anytime I’m able to get me some Spider-man versus Venom action, you’ve won my heart before I even read a word in most cases. However, I don’t want to discredit the creative team in this case by making it seem like they’re just catering to fanboy tendencies. This issue and title in general is much more than that. 

Bits and Pieces:

Not only are two of my favorite characters duking it out on the pages, just like old times, but Robbie Thompson and the art team give this book a compelling narrative to follow and look forward to here and each and every issue.


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