Monday, August 15, 2016

Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 Review - Marvel Monday

Back in Black

Written by: Joe Kelly
Art by: Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Livesay and Jason Keith
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 10, 2016

What happens when two of Marvel's classic comedic characters, Spider-Man and Deadpool, get together for a series of shenanigans beyond comprehension? Basically, everything decent and funny in the world comes together to form the perfect harmony of comic entertainment. However, like all new friendships there will be awkward moments. So, after Deadpool was tricked into killing Peter Parker and realizing his mishap, he had his wife, Shiklah, resurrect him, TWICE (this is a comic involving Deadpool it’s a long story). Now, with these two out for a hero’s revenge, let's dive back into our main adventure and check out the latest goings on … I mean what else do you have going on when its hotter than the Memphisto’s ass outside?

Our story picks up where issue five had last left us (issues six and seven were just fill in one shots) and our regular creative team is back on the case too, double whammy!!! Things begin as Peter Parker and Ana Maria are trying to determine who snuck into Parker Industries disguised as Peter. You read that correct, it is not a typo. It appears someone, named Patient Zero was able to copy not just how Peter Parker looks but how he talks, his mannerisms, even use the same cologne to fool everyone and gain some valuable intel at Parker’s company.

From there, Spider-Man gets on the case and tracks down Deadpool, via a spider tracer slipped into one of his many pouches, all while Deadpool appears to have tracked the mysterious Patient Zero. Spidey, in a new hella bad ass black and red suit, confronts Deadpool over the killing of his boss (a.k.a himself) before a mysterious blast from the glass building they are spying on catches their attention. Inside, Patient Zero is chilling with some disturbed looking victims that have been experimented on. I mean, this is a group of possible burn victims straight out of Eric Shea’s nightmares!

Deadpool and Spidey bust in on this Nightmare on Elm Street after party nobody was looking to attend in an attempt to take down Zero once and for all. As the two heroes fend off the various “man-strosities”, on their way to the big bad, we get some monologue to fill us in on some of this arcs mysteries. Patient Zero, when posing as Parker, stole some genetic splicing data, a vague reference to a Parker Industries “crown jewel”, and was going to take the company down from the inside before getting spooked and aborting his plans for some reason or another. Zero also provides brief hints to these two that he is someone from both their pasts and they should “ponder past sins” to figure out his identity. 

As the battle winds down, Patient Zero looks cornered, but has an ace in the hole. He sets off a “glass magnet bomb” before teleporting away to bring this building down on the two intruding heroes. Deadpool instructs Spidey “to be his bottom” and use his body as a human umbrella, sacrificing himself in an effort to save the duo. Spidey uses the cover while also creating a canopy of webbing to save Deadpool in a great example of teamwork, you know for the kids. 

We leave the two heroes waiting for the webbing to dissipate while Deadpool cuts himself down from the glass shards and webbing he’s lodged into. When he's down and removes his mask, Spidey is stunned to find his face is perfectly fine. As our issue wraps up, in a final cliffhanger, we see Patient Zero back at his hideout administering a very important blood combination to a new patient with some vague promises. That was all very badass and I can't wait 30 more days! 

Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness really have a winning title on their hands. There is so much to like and each member of the cast is well respected both canon and personality wise. If you like Marvel comics in any way, shape, or form, this is becoming a more and more difficult title to ignore each month. I feel like it perfectly captures the things Marvel can do right and avoids all of the things a lot of people currently hate them for...for example, changing classic characters and currently keeping the X-Men under the longest running golden shower in editorial history!

Bits and Pieces:

There’s a ton to like in this issue overall for any comic fan. We’re provided a bunch of answers to some of the titles lingering questions, left with a few more still to solve, and are treated with a new Spidey suit to drool over.  We also get killer art and action sequences drawn by McGuinness and his art team.  To top it off, we get an appearance of a classic and new villain from the past, one we're still guessing the identify of to boot. So yeah, Marvel, more of stories like this please!!!

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