Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Harley Quinn #2 Review and **SPOILERS**

Goodbye, My Coney Island Humans

Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Art By: Chad Hardin & John Timms, Brett Blevins, Alex Sinclair
Lettered By: Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
On Sale Date: August 17, 2016


Oh man, here it is folks…Harley Quinn is now out every two weeks. We were warned this was going to happen, and now it’s upon us. That means on top of the bi-weekly appearance of Harley in Suicide Squad, and the monthly Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys, and the quarterly Harley’s Little Black Book, we get Harley Quinn twice per month in her own title! You gotta hand it to DC, they’re not skimping on the Quinn. The internet is rife with people complaining about the over-saturation of Harley Quinn, and how they’re going to ruin the character with so many outings, but numbers don’t lie folks: people buy Harley Quinn comics by the barrelful. Well, not literally, I don’t think comic books are normally sold in barrels. Not to collectors, anyway. And if some of you crankypants would take a look at the rich, vivid world created by Palmiotti and Conner, you might find you like it. Like Coney Island, Harley Quinn is open to all! But like Coney Island, you might lose your lunch reading an issue of the comic book. Is that the case this time around? Read on and find out!

Explain It!

Last we left Harley and the crew, they’d just launched an armless Red Tool, with his arm packed in a cooler, towards the local hospital via scatapult on Harley’s roof. If you don’t know what the scatapult is, then don’t ask. Red Tool passed out due to lack of blood immediately upon liftoff, so Harley grabs a scoped automatic rifle and shoots out hospital windows so Red Tool won’t get all cut up by broken glass as he sails into the facility. Tony is trying to provide guidance, but keeps misjudging the descent of Red Tool’s limp body—long story short, Harley shoots up about three floors of this hospital. That’s our Harley! Once Red Tool is safely slammed into the hospital cafeteria’s serving line, Tony calls in to make sure they reattach his arm and charge it to Obamacare. Now, the zombies.

With all of this scatapulting (seriously, don’t ask) you might have forgotten that Coney Island was overrun with ravenous, flesh-eating zombies that turned after eating some Nathan’s Nateman’s frankfurters that were tainted by a mis-processed alien shapeshifter. See what happens when you miss an issue? The police have shown up in riot gear, or as we call it in New York City “standard-issue uniforms,” and prepare to engage the undead, but they are held back from leaving the immediate vicinity by some kind of invisible bubble. A copper chopper can see that the center of this fracas is Nathan’s Nateman’s hot dogs, which is probably located right at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues but is totally, absolutely not the establishment you would see there today if you visited that nexus. Since the zombie threat is fairly well contained, the cops relax and await orders and probably donuts. Watching the confusion on television, Harley and the crew decide that what they need to do is catch some of the infected and study them, which is a brilliant plan with no possible downsides. The gang takes to the roof again and Harley attempts to yank a zombie up with a fishing rod, but instead snags a zombie horse that takes off galloping and drags Harley down into the chaos. Admittedly, Harley takes to it well, but even she is overwhelmed by the sheer number of antagonists, and at this point I’d like to give this review over to

A Peek Into the Production Process for Harley Quinn, the Comic Book
Chad Hardin: Oh, hey Jimmy.
Jimmy Palmiotti: ‘Eyy fuggin’ Chad, how da fugg are ya?
Chad Hardin: Pretty good, pretty good. I’m really having a good time drawing issue number two.
Jimmy Palmiotti: ‘Eyy dat’s fuggin’ eggcellent over here, I’m really t’rilled youse is havin’, whadoyacallit…fun.
Chad Hardin: Yeah, thing is I’m sort of laboring over these zombies, I’m having trouble meeting schedule.
Chad Hardin: No, no Jimmy, nothing like that…look, John Timms wants to do some work on the book, I think he’d do great on the back half.
Jimmy Palmiotti: Dimms? I like his work over here.
Chad Hardin: Yeah, I know, you’ve worked with him plenty of times. He could draw some awesome splash pages of Harley fighting off the zombie horde, there wouldn’t even have to be a lot of script or dialogue.
Jimmy Palmiotti: [pause] I get paid da same page rate?
Chad Hardin: Of course!
Jimmy Palmiotti: Let’s do it.

Eventually, Tony, Goatby, Jimm Salabim and Queenie, strapped with grenades come to Harley Quinn’s aid, and then they all get rushed into the enclosed bumper cars area, which Goatboy chains and locks in record time, I mean really, hat’s off to you Goatboy. When the Apocalypse finally does happen, being able to barricade a place quickly will serve as a much more useful skill than corn farming. His handiwork is to no avail, however, because the pressing mass of zombies breaks through the barricade and begins stumbling towards the trapped quintet, when Poison Ivy shows up and starts pruning some of them back with a weed whacker!

You like wacky? You like crazy? You like gory? You like silly? Why aren’t you reading this book? Great art? Cohesive universe spanning over several comics? Hello? Is it the clown thing? Are you afraid of clowns? Because if you’re afraid of clowns, then I can understand. Everyone else must have a problem with smiling.

Bits and Pieces:

The plot thickens into a viscous paste as zombies continue to run willy-nilly all over Coney Island. An attempt to capture one lands Harley in the middle of the fray, but a surprise by an old friend might just turn the tables! Or it might result in Zombie Harley, we'll have to see next issue. John Timms picks up art duties for the second half of the issue, and provides some incredible, dynamic splash pages that are practically worth the cover price alone. It's the poop jokes that give it full value.


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