Thursday, September 8, 2016

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 09/07/16

Heck of a week for comic books, don't you think? And you know what comes with comic books? Covers! That's right, one cover per single issue, and that's included in the price? These comics publishers don't know what they're doing! They're practically giving away gorgeous artwork along with a full story. Which, incidentally, is illustrated too! I hope these comic book people never open an art gallery, they'd give away the best paintings and have to close down in a month! But so long as they're casting off beautiful artwork like so much flotsam, there's no reason I shouldn't capitalize on this oversight and let you know which are the best of the week!

Justice League #4
Variant cover by Yanick Panquette
Yes, Mr. Panquette, you may feel free to draw members of the Bat-family any time you please. I like how the angel statue in the background looks bored, like "This guy again? Sheesh."

 Batman Beyond #16
Cover by Bernard Chang
I really like the composition of this cover.

Harley Quinn #3
Variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Uh, that's pretty bad-ass, Mr. Sienkiewicz. And even more impressive, it actually pertains to the contents of the book! A lot of variant covers do not. If the interior looked like this variant cover...:drool:

The Flintstones #3
Cover by Ben Caldwell
The Prez artist himself does this rather haunting homage to Frazetta and the Flintstones, and this isn't even the variant cover!

Batman #6
Variant cover by Tim Sale
It's a pretty Bat-heavy week for covers, but this one makes the most sense because, well, it is Batman. I love the playfulness of this, almost like an old Superman cover, and Tim Sale is one of the greats.


  1. I personally haven't been a fan of the Sale covers for Batman... I mean look at his Bat tits

  2. I really like that Batman Beyond cover, but I also really liked the Bengal variant cover for Supergirl.

  3. THat Harley Quinn cover is pretty awesome. Reminds of a 70s movie poster. It makes me wanna watch a Harley Quinn fighting zombie movies a la Planet Terror style.