Monday, September 5, 2016

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #8 Review - Marvel Monday

Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh...

Written by: Nick Kocher
Art by: Michael Walsh, Michael Garland and Jeff Eckleberry
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 31, 2016

I'll admit that up until now, I have not been reading this book.  Circumstances that involved a very busy schedule lead to some misunderstanding that I'm still confused about and I am!  No big deal, however, as I am always up for some fun and Rocket and  Groot just screams fun, right?  Right!  So, here I go with my review for Rocket Raccoon and Groot #8...

The issue opens by showing us right away that this is a Civil War II tie-in.  Oh great!  I couldn't get too upset, however, because we hear what is going on through Rocket's point of view and it seems that he's as excited about the Event as I am.  We get a lot of "Blah, Blah, Blahs" from Captain Marvel as Rocket cracks wise at every opportunity.  The scene ends with Rocket volunteering himself and Groot to stop a baby powder thief (you read that right) and I had to laugh when he demanded it wasn't for some secret purpose all his own.

While flying coach to Georgia (yes, coach and yes, Georgia), we do get the real reason that Rocket is so concerned with a baby powder bandit.  It's personal and also pretty damn hilarious!  After finding out that Alpha Flight likes to be frugal when it comes to rental cars, Rocket and Groot head off to stop Chammy, one of Rocket's first (failed) bounties.

This is when we get a pretty kickass cameo when Gwenpool shows up.  Even before we started reviewing Marvel Comics on our site, I always heard hate for Gwenpool, but after reading her book (at the prompting of Branden), I like her.  That's the reason I had a big smile on my face when she showed up here.  For those not in the know, she breaks the fourth wall and gives the reader her Cliff's Notes back story as she grabs Chammy for herself and makes a speedy getaway.

Of course, Rocket wants no parts of this and stops Gwenpool to argue and fight her.  Actually, she goes to town on Groot to no avail and when the smoke clears, Chammy is gone.  Then Gwenpool runs away.  Then Rocket curses...twice!

We then see how Chammy has been spending his time while stranded on Earth (btw, Earth Girls Aren't Easy!) and watch as Rocket gets himself in hot water with Captain Marvel.  It's all good, though, because chasing after Chammy is way more fun than anything that Captain Marvel and the Civil War would have them do!

The issue ends with Rocket and Gwenpool fighting on Chammy's front lawn, Chammy finding a more practical way to leave Earth and the reader finding out that shit is about to get real.  For such a fun story, the cliffhanger is over the top creepy and I am excited read next issue despite and because of it...does that make any sense?

This issue is all about Rocket and Nick Kocher nails it.  He had me the minute I saw that Rocket was not paying attention to Captain Marvel and the hits just kept coming.  There are running gags and pop culture references and then throwing Gwenpool into the mix just makes it even better.

The art was good, but the backgrounds seemed to take a backseat to the characters which is okay, but the characters aren't really overly detailed either.  The art isn't as important in a book like this, but I just wish it had a more defined style.  I will admit that I loved the art while Rocket told his stories...his big muscles are a highlight of the issue.

Bits and Pieces:

This is the Civil War II tie-in for those who hate Civil War tie-ins.  Nick Kocher tosses the Civil War garbage out the window and away we go. Add Gwenpool and some baby powder into the stew and we get an issue that may not be mind bending, but was a lot of fun.  These days, I'll take it!


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