Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cyborg #6 Review and *SPOILERS*

There's No Sex Like Cyborg Sex

Written By: John Semper Jr.
Art By: Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 7, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Maybe what this book needs at this point is for Cyborg to have a friend that can understand everything that he's gone through because for the most part we've just been dealing with the constant problems that comes from when one is a cyborg.  You know, am I man or machine and all that and with the new information that Dr. Silas Stone actually edited Vic's mind so that he had memories taken away from him, I'm guessing Cyborg could use a little sit down time with someone so that he can work through his issues with a little talking.  It's a good thing then that a CIA agent named Scarlett Taylor was seriously injured in the last issue and the big bad of this series is all about obliging the government in turning their agent into a new Cyborg so that they can retrieve the information that she gathered in Iraq.  With Silas' doppelganger being involved though and the fact that Scarlett's being transformed using a damaged mother-box.  Well, you know some shit's about to go bad for our hero.  Let's jump into this issue and find out.  

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Cyborg completing his task and bringing Agent Taylor online to her new life, but it seems that nobody wants to become a monster............. or it's just a big ol' shock when one does become a monster because the first thing Scarlett does is run amok.  Vic quickly takes her out though and when she finally comes to again, we find out that the shock of becoming a She-Borg has made her forget everything she witnessed in Iraq. 

Now, the whole middle section of the book I want to call the training montage, inter-spliced with scenes of Dr. Silas Stone being forced to watch what his doppelganger is up to, but really, it's not as much fun.......... mostly because I just love myself a montage and that's hard to pull off in comics, especially since there's not a song playing.  That's what happens though, Scarlett decides to call herself Variant, since she's a variation of what Cyborg is and Vic trains her to use her new body to the best of her ability........... which gets downright sexy after our hero invites her out to listen to some jazz music.  Luckily, with our hero's new found ability to turn his body back into flesh and his ability to teach Scarlett this little trick, it's actual sex they get to have instead of some strange ass cuisinart slamming into a toaster action.  

In the end, after a little sex rattled Scarlett's memories loose, she remembers something about her time in Iraq and the two suit up to go check it out........... But, like we all figured when another cyborg was created, she had to be bad and that's exactly what we get when Cyborg is led into a trap to a dude who is so over the top I think he'd make Dr. Evil blush and we find out that Agent Taylor was a double agent all along.  

That's it for this issue of Cyborg and while not a lot goes on in this issue, I did find it kind of enjoyable with the way that Vic got to be himself around someone who's dealing with the same things he is.  Yeah, we could tell that everything would go bad for our hero when creating another cyborg was brought up in the previous issue, but for the short time that we got a companion for our hero in the form of Variant, it was kind of nice.  Yeah, we still got the complaining aspect of how terrible Cyborg's life is compared to a completely human person, but it was dulled a bit since he was also trying to sell Scarlett's new life to her.  I loved the art and colors in this issue and ultimately, it's not a bad read even if it was all a setup to get our hero put in a spot of danger.

Bits and Pieces:

So far Cyborg as a series for me has been pretty humdrum with decent installments here and there and like those occasions, this issue isn't a bad read, it's just that not a lot goes on.  It's pretty predictable, but even with its predictability, I found myself enjoying what we got here and really loved the art that conveyed it.


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