Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wolfcop #2 Review

Wolfcop vs Terminator vs Demon Escorts

Written: Max Marks
Art: Allan Otero
Colors: Arcana Studios
Letters: Chris Barrett
Wolfcop Created By: Lowell Dean
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 11/30/16
Review by: Ryan Douglas


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Needless to say, I was excited to catch back up with Lou(Wolfcop) and Willie. This has been a comic
I've looked forward to the most outside the main two publishers. I love my noir, sci-fi, and superhero stories. Every once in awhile I just want to read something that's just different and out of the norm.

Let's jump right in, since killing the Pig biker gang and saving some people from being eaten to pieces. Wolfcop and Willie made it through the night and rode off into the sunrise together. We catch up the guys getting the Wolfcop mobile getting towed to a nearby auto repair shop. Lou would rather be grabbing a drink at the strip club across the way. Leaving Willie doing all the talking to the mechanic. Seconds after walking into the club a gunshot goes off and grabs Willie's attention. Seems no one really likes the idea of uniformed cops showing up to their favorite strip joint. One guy in particular takes a disliking to Lou and attempts to start a brawl. Inside the club we meet Faye who breaks ups the altercation between Lou and the customer, Chris.

Faye seems to have a crush on Lou and offers them a place to stay. Poor Willie is never getting any love and seems to be the third wheel. To his surprise, Faye is actually running a brothel nearby and offers him all the loving he wants. Shit turns upside down real quick after Lou and Willie part ways to get their freak on.

We catch up with Willie and Faye getting down to business, she pulls a blade from her back while casting a spell through her hand to summon the wolf in Lou. Not only does she play Lou and summons the beast out of him, she looks to be slicing his face down the middle at the same time. While all this is happening we find Willie in a somewhat similar problem. All the women turn to vampire-esque demons and start to gnaw on our boy Willie. Unlike Lou though he was able to fight his way through using a wooden chair. He may be a loudmouth speedball sometimes but he sure can hold his own.

After getting away Willie finds Wolfcop chained to bed. Which I thought was funny since in the original movie Lou wakes chained to a bed in Willie's house with a video camera filming his transformation. Their reunion doesn't last long as Faye and her bouncer, Sammy walk in. Willie attempts to have another action movie moment and shoots Sammy him in the head. Sadly enough this will be Willie last thing he will experience. Sammy is no normal demon. I'd compare him to a hybrid of Ghost Rider and Terminator . Sammy comes back to life and slices Willie right hand off and then immediately taking off his head. This came as a huge shock for me and did not expect this twist. I may have been annoyed with him at times. But damn, Willie was Wolfcop’s best pal!

This causes Wolfcop to break out of the chains and begin the revenge of his best friend. Both him and Sammy go at it for awhile. Everytime we think Wolfcop has taken down Sammy he returns in different forms. Finally while he's on fire, the wolf senses in Wolfcop come into play and he's able to sniff out the heart through the burning flames. He takes the advantage to rip out Sammy's heart with his teeth. Putting Sammy down for good. Now there's Faye to deal with it. Wolfcop has no more fight left in him and decides to leave her with the zombies who didn't get to feed on Willie. Wolfcop leaves the house while Faye is being devoured and the brothel burns to the ground. Outside he makes a call to Tina, who is a fellow cop and says "Coming Home". I can't image what chaos will ensue in Woodhaven now.

While Dynamite has a certain house style which isn't for everyone. I would say the Wolfcop art benefits from it the most for me. Another great issue for though. It's been consistent since the first release, moving at a steady pace and providing an exciting action/horror type story. Max Marks does it again and brings another off the wall day in the life of Wolfcop and Willie(R.I.P). The death of Willie alone is the biggest surprise of the issue. Wolfcop will have plenty of liquor doughnuts and booze to cope. But not knowing if this is will be an ongoing serious. If it wraps up within a three issues this may be one of my favorite mini-series of the year. They could also have other stories to tell as well. We'll find out soon.

Bits and Pieces:

Max Marks does it again and brings another off the wall day in the life of Wolfcop and Willie. They find themselves at a brothel and things turn to shit real quick for them. The issue moves at a steady pace. The turning point in this issue alone had me in shock. This is one of the smaller comics that may be getting looked over. While I don't dislike the the art, I would enjoy seeing a different take on it. Regardless, still a fun issue once again.


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