Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week 12/2/16

WeirdScienceDCComics.com presents:

Official Unofficial World Infamous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week

By: Branden Murray

I was looking through the timeline after Thanksgiving break and decided since another monumental occasion would soon be upon us, the 100th episode to those newbies around here, I’d wait it out and gather those tweets instead of an abundance of nothing but Thanksgiving wishes.  So here we go, finally some nonsense about the celebration of nonsense to spice up your day enjoy! Also Jim now allows me to publish on my own so expect long thesis style essays about Buffalo Bills football, that is all. 


·          Shitters … err, I mean Twitters full!!!!

·         This is a good tweet.
   This is a scary way to celebrate the holidays … I dare you to eat a Swamp Turkey!

   The only thing I do daily are bad habits, so kudos to Chris on the milestone … bitches!!!

    Is this Post or Pre Flashpoint Superman, maybe its just Clark Kent dressed as Superman … oh Christ I cant!

·         It looks pretty official to me!

Spoiler Alert: Eric drank EVERYTHING!

Look at all those chickens!!!!

The Ongoing Adventures of Eric Now Drunk Out Loud

Straight Fire Toby! Excellent job! 

Rails optional, along with sobriety. 

  When you get caught with your pants down you move quick?!

     Which one is HHH and which one is Shawn Michaels?

The fellas getting the hang of this live stuff!!

     Tell us how you really feel Eric.

   Great Cover!!!!

  That’s it for this week GFC, remember hola at Jim if you’re interested in joining the Get Fresh Crew Hotline!!!!

-  Branden

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