Monday, January 9, 2017

Nova #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Nova’s Bond

Written by: Jeff Loveness and Ramón Pérez
Art by: Ramón Pérez & Ian Herring
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 4, 2017
Review by: Carl Hamlin

Where the first issue started off slow, was full of teenage superhero issues and leaving you wondering how they could possibly make this story better, this second issue leaps and bounds better. We start off this issue with Sam flying in to save Richard thinking it is his father. It seems that Richard wasn't the only thing that came back from the cancerverse, this massive purple monster is poised to attack. Right when it seems that Sam is done for Richard comes to and saves him. After the fight is concluded and Sam is still not convinced that Richard Rider is real seeing as aliens cloned his dad so he takes him off to be tested and we get to see members of The Champions.
Sam catches back up to Richard to see if he's okay. Where he basically rips into the superhero fighting superhero thing that was going through the Marvel Universe. Sam and Richard have a moment of bonding over their dead fathers, when Sam decides to take Richard somewhere to get his mind off of his problems: his house.

Apparently Sam forgot that his whole family was going to be there today and after a quick conversation with his mom and then two of his uncles we get to the thing that Sam wanted to show Richard: a collection of Nova helmets he found in space. They blast off in a race to Knowhere where they meet up with Cosmo, the mind reading dog.

They then go to a bar to get a drink, when Richard goes to pay the bartender says he doesn't owe them anything, when he looks around everyone is holding a glass to the sky for Richard Rider, Nova. When out of nowhere they are shot and stunned.

Bits & Pieces:

This issue was amazing, the jokes mixed in with the storyline made this book extremely enjoyable. If this is how the book is going to continue I'm 100% on board. The artwork fits this book extremely well and the panel that shows what Richard sees when the Cancerverse is infecting his mind is amazing!


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  1. I love how Richard Rider was so clueless of the world of super heroes. Miss Marvel wasn't Caroll Danvers, but instead she's Captain Marvel, but Captain Marvel is a male and he's dead. When Cyclops told his story, he dismisses it because he hated everything about that sentence he stated. Great Review!