Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 Review

Here Comes the Airplane

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Dexter Soy, Veronica Gandini and Taylor Esposito
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 11, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws is so good that it was Eric Shea's Book of 2016.  Now, who am I to argue with America's Sweetheart?  Nobody, that's who.  I also love this book and don't think I am making up shit by saying it is a lot of people's surprise hit of Rebirth.  Just think how great it will be when we finally get the Dark Trinity out and about together, kicking ass and taking names.  Well, the wait is almost over as this is the last issue of the first Rebirth arc.  How was it?  Let's find out...

We start with an unmasked (yet masked) Black Mask putting his gun right in Jason's face and the dialogue between the two is awesome, but I give Jason props for his ending zinger.  Roman doesn't get a chance to shoot as Bizarro and Artemis crash through the ceiling giving Jason an opportunity for more trash talk and a boot blade attack.

As Jason gets his ass kicked by Black Mask and more accurately, Bizarro, he comes up with a plan.  Keep fighting Roman until the techno virus in him takes him down from within.  It does seem like an excuse for more fighting, but in this book, I'm fine with that!

After a little fistacuffs and Jason telling Roman he's nothing like him or Batman, Black mask suddenly goes down.  I know it's all part of the plan, but it still felt too sudden.  It felt like after Jason said his big lines there was no more need for Roman so exit stage left.  It does continue with an interesting question...will Jason save Roman or let him die?  I won't tell you what happens, but I will tell you it's really neither.

Once Roman is out of the picture, his grip on Bizarro ends and the big guy makes nice like we all like.  The Dark Trinity finally forms with a personal mission for Artemis and we even get a little hint at an upcoming villain.

The issue ends with some Jason/Batman interaction, both past and present that shows how different they are, but also how much they care for one another.  It may not be completely necessary, but it completes a great set of bookends on the story and I loved it.  Oh yea, we also get a fitting end for Black mask as well!

I liked this issue and only think things will get better from here on out.  I've said I thought this Black mask arc was extended a bit to complete a TPB and seeing the quick ending for the villain may prove that.  However, it will make one hell of a trade and is one of the strongest opening stories in Rebirth.

Part of the reason is so great is the art and Dexter Soy shows why in this issue.  It looks fantastic from cover to cover and I could just page through it over and over.  I hope that both Lobdell and Soy stay on this book for forever and a day.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue continues the fun that is Red Hood and the Outlaws.  The story and art come together so nicely and it ends with the Dark Trinity ready to hit the road.  Sure, the Black Mask bit ends abruptly, but who cares when you're having this much fun.



  1. Maybe I'm just fanboying over this book Jim, but I really liked the way things turned out a bit more than you did. Jason could have easily killed black mask last issue but because of Batmans no killing rule while in Gotham he didn't. Instead he found an alternative way to beat Roman. He let the Virus do what Viruses do. And Tying his defeat to Bizzaro works, he's a faulty clone and there connection was a two way street. Except a human can't process the information of a Kryptonian. And on top of that Jason was so in character that he said fuck Bruce, "I may not kill you here today but I'm damn sure going fuck your life up"(Crushing the Cure in front of Roman as he begs)

    So the team is finally together and ready to go find this "Bow of Ra", and we even get a little hint of someone who is looking into this team. I think by what we saw it could be "The Question" or even better "Rorschach" from watchman, Those endings had Real wait to them with Bruce & Jason heart to heart to the point of them Dropping the bullshit Persona's and Just being Bruce & Jason(Where we actually see Batman not only Smile but Laugh as well), and having a family moment. Not to mention Lobdells writing is great in that seen to bring up a seen that happened in the past but reversed it Jason feeding Bruce this time. What happens to Roman had me laughing,it's Just Deserts (Literally). Dexter Soys Art is still a fucking pleasure to stare at.

    Your definitely right Jim about This arc being read better in the Trade version. I could have used a little more action for the finale, but with Jason's hands tied with this no killing rule I think Lobdell made it work. Like I said Maybe I'm just fanboying over this book Jim, but Damn this was a great ending to this first arc.

    1. Just after all this, Roman defeats himself by doing exactly what he set out to do. Bad plan!!! This all could have ended 2 issues ago, but they needed the right amount for the first trade. I still liked it and can't wait for the continuation.

      Now, a lot of people want watchmen stuff and I think it's way early, especially first need something to explain why he is even alive which will take more than him tracking the dark trinity here

    2. Yeah your right, but when I saw that Mystery Detective wall, and the fact that the person appeared gruffy And not Clean, and the fact that there's a Shot of someone's Journal(Possibly Rorschack Journal). Rorschack And The Question really popped out in my head. Now I'm no Eric, who's been reading comics all his Life. But what I'm seeing there are a lot of similar themes in that seen that reminds of Rorschack or The Question. More watchman is going to happen this year according to Geoff Johns, and technical This Is the first Dark Trinity we've had in the DCU, Don't forget The Question, Pandora, The Phantom Stranger. I'm just saying I've think it's possible Jim.

  2. 10/10 I laughed, I cried, I shit my pants.

    1. Laughing & Crying sound about right. Shit my self...nah, I shit my self only when I've bought and read something that was rotten or curdled.

  3. I'm with the above commenters. I know you're looking at it with a critical eye Jim, it's what we come here for(nonsense included), but damn I loved this issue.