Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weird Comics History Podcast Ep. 18 - The Strange Story of the Sentry

This week, Chris (@AceComics) takes Reggie (@reggiereggie) back to Marvel Comics' 21st Century renaissance to look at a "lost" character: the Sentry! A Superman-esque caped hero designed by Golden Age stalwart Artie Rosen in 1961, but unpublished and quietly shelved. After Rosen's passing, character designs were discovered, and it was up to Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee to bring the Sentry--Marvel's first superhero--into the light of day! They examine the Marvel Knights miniseries and discuss future adaptations of the character. Then, Chris and Reggie discuss some sales figures and whether or not the series was successful. Plus: a special secret surprise! Enjoy!

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Golden Age artist Allen Bellman interviewed at Florida SuperCon 2012
In his benevolence, Chris has photographed some important articles and other writing about the Sentry, which can be downloaded here!
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1 comment:

  1. Just re-read issue 1 prior to giving this a listen later on this week.

    Some random thoughts:

    The homages are great, but they break up the narrative flow a little.

    Lee's artwork is awesome but not a lot happens in the issue. The existential/philosophical themes are set up reasonably well, though. The present day Void looks amazing. Hope that dog's alright.

    It sucks to be Robert; it sucks even more to be his wife.

    I'm not convinced that a first issue this low-key would be allowed to see print today.

    Alan Moore probably deserves an acknowledgement somewhere in the issue. This is a very 'Marvelman' opening - the fragmentary memories of another impossible life, the domestic set-up. 'Marvelman' moved a hell of a lot more quickly than this, though.

    I don't really want to wait to listen to this edition of the podcast, but I will. Four more issues to go. :)