Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cyborg #10 Review and *SPOILERS*

Willard 2.0

Written By: John Semper Jr.
Art By: Will Conrad, Szymon Kudranski, Ivan Nunes, Guy Major, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 1, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Anomaly is out of the closet and ready to start kicking the world while it's down...... it's just too bad that our hero isn't around to stop him.  That's right, in the previous issue of Cyborg, we saw Vic discover that Anomaly has been posing as his father for awhile now and we even got into the big back story about how Anomaly came to be......... it's Silas' fault.  Yeah, there's more to the story to that, but it has to do with OTAC genes, discarding clones and torture to the point of sentience, which I don't fully understand so I won't get into it, but the big takeaway from last issue is that Cyborg might have met his match because Anomaly gives our hero a virus, causing him to go blind and as we ended the previous issue, Exxy and Cyborg went underground........ literally, to purge Vic of the malware and to hopefully get themselves right for the next encounter with this big bad.  Let's jump into this issue and see how things are going and also, what Anomaly plans on doing to Variant now that he has her unguarded.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with us finding out that Cyborg is now a fugitive because after he escaped Anomaly and Star Labs in the previous issue, it's been released to the press that Cyborg has gone rogue after being compromised by a virus.  It seems though that Cyborg will be getting a little more help though in his fight to get his life and his father back because immediately we see a new hero of Detroit spring into action when Exxy steals a bunch of stuff from Holt Industries to help him scrub Cyborg's systems of the virus Anomaly infected him with and after following Exxy back to Cyborg and his makeshift lab........ and after a brief fight, we find out that Black Narcissus is all about helping.  It's funny too because Exxy makes a joke about how she sounds like a blacksploitation character and even though Cyborg corrects him and tells him it's a name of a flower............ I gotta go with Exxy on this one because not only does it sound like a blackspoitation name, she also looks like one too with her outfit. 

Meanwhile, back at Star Labs Anomaly is getting down to absorbing Variant's technology and we find out from his back and forth between the real Dr. Stone that he's doing all of this because of a voice he hears inside of his head, but before we can really contemplate the idea of Anomaly being a schizophrenic, a large discharge of energy from Variant causes Anomaly to be flung across the lab, making his absorption come to a haunt because Dr. Charles and Dr. Morrow enter the lab to see if he's okay.  Dr. Morrow takes the fake Silas to medical and before Dr. Charles can leave, Variant somehow comes to and tells her not to trust Silas........... which this panel is weird because it seems that Dr. Charles is saying Variant's lines, but this gets our seed of doubt going within Star Labs at least.

In the end, Anomaly finds out that the amount of tech that he absorbed from Variant now allows him to really hear the voice in his head well and the voice is all about him going and finding a local hood named Rizzo Rattama........ who I'm going to call "Crazy Eyes" and after Anomaly finds him we find out that this guy is all about training rats to run drugs, but combined with Anomaly's OTAC tech, Crazy Eyes is now the Lord of the Rats, which he can now control mentally and has ordered them to hunt down and kill Cyborg.  

That's it for this issue of Cyborg and we really don't have a lot for our hero to do in this issue but hang out inside his makeshift lab as Exxy and Black Narcissus argue back and forth.  Really though, this issue seems to be only about introducing Black Narcissus and Crazy Eyes to the comic, which is odd to me because we've been dealing with this Anomaly story for ten issues now and a Rebirth and it seems that we're constantly being put on pause instead of getting to what's actually going on in this book and the worst part is........ it's not even a proper pause because when that happens more stuff is just piled into the story for what just feels like filler to make the overall arc longer.  The art in this issue is decent though, but I find myself just bored with this book because we're constantly not doing anything.

Bits and Pieces:

We get two new characters showing up in this issue, but after dealing with the same thing for so long now I just wish all of this would end because it's really become less and less interesting as the series has progressed and instead of getting any real answers about what this story is about, it just keeps adding more and more characters to fill out the arc.  The art in this issue is decent enough though, I just wish we could do something interesting with Cyborg.


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