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Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Fanboy Theories of Superman Reborn

Welcome to another super edition of Top 5 Fridays! This week we had the first part of the highly anticipated superman reborn story arc. Ever since first seeing the solicitation, I have been excited for the story, as it would continue to push the mystery of a rebirth forward, as well as bring back a superman that I feel belongs with his fellow Justice League members. As we got closer and closer to the start of the story arc, my inner theorist had been working around-the-clock, theorizing what could possibly be revealed in such a highly anticipated event. Today I'll be going over the five theories that I feel will either be confirmed, denied, or even shatter into more theories during this story. Like most lists, this is my own personal opinion of what I think could happen. If you don't like the theories I lay out for you, I would love to hear what you readers think. With the formalities out-of-the-way, let's put on our tinfoil hats and dive on in.

5: Clark Kent is a mind-altered New 52 Superman

Probably the least logical of the bunch, but by what the ending of the arc is implying, it could very well be true. The cover to Action Comics #976 shows two supermen: the Rebirth Superman and the New 52 Superman. By this implication, N52 Clark will have returned into the DC Universe. Now the question remains: How? Last I checked, he was basically dust! What if someone put Humpty back together again and was REBORN. However his mind was altered to just having the Clark Kent persona, so the Rebirth Superman could still live his life. 
There are some problems with this theory, but they can all be summed up in a single question: Why? Why would the New 52 Superman so obsessed with taking the life of Rebirth's Superman? They didn't exactly have similar pasts, both in adopted parentage and love interests. Did New 52 Superman even have a thing for Lois? The Superman/Wonder Woman was so blatant I can't remember if he did! Either way, the separate origins for the two versions show a flaw in this theory...but remember that New 52 has to come back somehow. 

4: Superman's family is a paradox.

Time travel in comics is a very confusing beast, depending on the publisher. Sometimes it can be a cool loop that intersects like Valiant's Ivar the Timewalker or constantly shifting in past and future as described in Marvel's Ultimates. For DC, we have events like the flashpoint paradox. The paradox comes but soon resolves I through other characters/events wiping the board. For the case of Flashpoint, it was Barry stopping himself from saving his mother. What if this current Superman Event reveals that this family logically can't exist, and the universe is trying to fix itself. How do we know they shouldn't exist? The answer is actually very simple: Jon. While we have seen MANY children of the man of steel in the past, NONE of them actually existed in the main continuity. In Superman: Last Son, we learned that Lois and Clark couldn't have children due to human and Kryptonian biology being so different. This plot point was carried it for nearly a decade… And now in Rebirth, we are supposed to have forgotten all about it? I say no. Paradoxes must be fixed and with the opening of the photo album in this week's issue, this potential paradox could be closing fast.

3: Clark Kent is Superboy Prime 

I can't take credit for this theory, as many have thought of this. The basis of this theory is that the mild-mannered Clark Kent is the crazed villain, Superboy Prime. Like Prime, This mysterious Clark matches the mannerisms, down to his obsession on how he thinks things should be. While the mannerisms hint at it, I am still a bit skeptical on the idea. First, we have Prime's "ending" of him being shoved into the Source Wall...despite popular belief, it's very hard to get out of that when embedded. "Perhaps Black Hand brought him out during Godhead?" Possibly, but the powers of death didn't quite work with him during the Blackest Night event, so there's a possibility that it didn't work now.
The second reason is the question of would DC risk it? While Rebirth is all about honoring the legacy of the characters, to fans, Superboy Prime has remained a black spot on the mythos do to his bratty child like behavior, even as he grew up. While this is the most logical option, it might give a REALLY bad taste in the mouth of the reader, especially when we've been having a pretty good run with the Superfamily books.

2: Oz is protecting the Earth

Look at the group that Oz has captured over his time in Rebirth. He's captured Doomsday, an inter-dimensional invader who focused on capturing the Supermen of the multiverse, and if number 3 proves true, he also has contained a psychotic Kryptonian.... Is it just me or is he helping the planet more than harming? I mean yeah, there's still terrible dangers to the planet, but when you have taken an evil Kryptonian, a giant, and the monster that killed Superman, can we REALLY fault you as a super villain? What if Mr. Oz is actually keeping the planet quieter? What I mean by that is that the three enemies I have listed create enough of a ruckus that the universe would take notice. But who would take notice? Who could possibly make a powerful man like Mr. Oz afraid enough to keep quiet? Maybe someone big blue and scary? The only real flaw with this theory is the question of why did he take Tim Drake? Tim might be the coolest Robin, but he's not going to cause a big enough disturbance to get the attention of a god... Right?

1: Superman is Manhattan
Alright, now you all think I'm insane. How could the beacon of hope be the big bad of all of Rebirth? I must ask, though: have we seen Manhattan? Have we seen him at all? No. The only people who have either died or didn't understand. We have no idea what he looks like, meaning he could look like Supes.
Now, why would he decide to become the man of steel? Let me present a hypothetical situation. It's the end of Watchmen, millions have died to support a lie to make peace. You believe that you need to find a new place to set up shop with your God like powers, maybe even create life. However, as you were once human, you can't help but feel… Something in your heart. The fact that you could create life itself, but can't go back and save the millions that died to support this lie. One might say you would feel guilty. In a selfish attempt to call yourself a hero once more, you wait until the moment of vacancy opens up. A vacancy of what? A vacancy for "the world's greatest hero," perhaps? You take the position, living a happy life with your family. Sure, there are some heavy hitters, but it seems as if they vanish after giant battles. Almost as if they are taken by someone(Number 2!). You also find it a little odd that energy that appears around you happens to be more bluish white(like the fight with Swamp Thing in the Annual). In the end, you don't care, because you are Superman, and the world will always love you. But let's be real, Dr. Manhattan hasn't felt emotion in years. I mean, it's not as if he got furious at a group of reporters questioning his intent or if he got a little shaken when learning that old love of his life has cancer that could be related to him. That has never happened in Watchmen... except it has. If a God can feel anger and despair, what makes you think she can't feel guilt?

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What do you think of these theories? What theories do you have? Leave them below and I'll see you next time!

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